5 Dollar Dinners and More

martinis and your money

5 Dollar Dinners and More

Today I am talking to Erin Chase otherwise known as the 5 Dollar Dinner Mom. Erin starting blogging about saving money on food over 7 years ago when rising gas prices forced her to save more money on other fronts. Erin shares a number of great and helpful ideas on this podcast and if you want to follow her new project, you can check her out at Grocery Budget Makeover.

What We Are Drinking

To keep with the 5 dollar theme, Erin and I are both drinking Barefoot Moscato which can be found just about anywhere for around $5 per bottle.


Podcast Notes

  • Erin shares how the gas price crisis of 2008 changed the way she managed her family finances
  • She dropped her monthly food bill from $500 to $250
  • Her family eats at home 6-7 nights a week and she shares what she typically makes
  • Erin shares her best tips for changing your food spending ways
  • Erin discusses how she came up with her food ideas pre-Pinterest or other blogs
  • Erin shares her thoughts on how to eat cheaply when you have food allergies
Erin's son helping his mom out with some food pics for the blog.
Erin’s son helping his mom out with some food pics for the blog.

Random Three Questions Erin Answered

  1. What is your favorite cheap dinner to make?
  2. What do you like to do during your down time?
  3. If you could cook dinner for any person in history, who would it be?

Do you know how much your average dinner at home costs you? What’s your favorite cheap dinner to make?

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