A Vixen in the Boardroom

martinis and your money

A Vixen in the Boardroom

Today I am talking to LeeAnn Maxwell, the founder of Vixen Vodka. After working in finance for over 20 years, when LeeAnn turned 50, she came up with the idea for Vixen while on a beach trip with some girlfriends. It wasn’t an overnight process, but now you can find Vixen Vodka on the shelves of bars and liquor stores in six states across the country with more to follow!


What We Are Drinking

Violet Vixen

1 – 1/3 oz Vixen Vodka
2/3 oz of Blueberry liqueur
1 Splash of fresh lemon juice

Shake ingredients over ice and pour into a martini glass

Podcast Notes

  • Two resolutions LeeAnn made when she turned 50 – Don’t turn down an invitation because you never know who you will meet. Don’t ask why, ask why not?
  • During a beach trip with some girlfriends while training for a triathlon, her vodka company was imagined.
  • Aha Moment – Men order by brand and women order by drink, so they set out to make a vodka that women would order by brand.
  • She had no idea how to start a company at the age of 50, but the first thing she did was buy the name Vixen Vodka and every site associated with it.
  • She built the brand before she formulated a drop of vodka.
  • After a series of telephone calls, LeeAnn found a private label distillery that was willing to build the vodka formula with her because many refused to work with her because she was a woman.
  • The beach trip took place August 2010, the formula was created December 2010 but they didn’t have vodka on shelf until the end of 2012.
  • 2013 – The vodka was only available in one state, Georgia.
  • 2014 – Expanded into 6 states
  • LeeAnn describes what a day in her life looks like now.
  • LeeAnn shares her thoughts on some of the mistakes she made when starting her business and what she learned from them.


Random 3 Questions LeeAnn Answered

  1. If you weren’t drinking vodka, what would you be drinking?
  2. What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind?
  3. What is a piece of advice that you would give to any woman who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

Have you heard of Vixen Vodka? Have you ever thought of creating a new product? If you weren’t doing what you currently do for a living, what would you do?


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