Blogging for Beginners


Blogging for Beginners (and not quite beginners)

On Monday, I talked about the value of being brave in your career and taking risks, and another area where you can choose to be brave is in blogging. When you put yourself out there for the world to read, judge, support and criticize, you are certainly making a brave choice, especially if you have a public profile. For me, blogging is a tremendous gift and outlet for me, and I am so thankful that I took the risk and chose to be brave.

Over the past year and a half of writing my blog, I have tried many things and worked on improving it in various ways, and I constantly feel as though I am still learning. Something I wished I had when I began blogging, though, was a very thorough and easy to follow guide to start with.

A few weeks ago, my friend Anne from Money Propeller and Unique Gifter reached out to me to tell me that she and Kathleen from Frugal Portland had created this resource – On Your Mark, Get Set, Blog! I don’t typically review books on my site, unless I feel as though they are a resource I feel as though me and my readers should know about, and this is one of those eBooks.

I received a copy to review, and I have to say that I highly recommend this book for new bloggers and even seasoned bloggers. Anne and Kathleen walk you through blogging from finding a domain name, to creating an email account, to a suggested plugin list to creating a privacy policy to protect yourself. For every section that they walk through, they have numerous links to websites and great resources to help you along the way. However, my favorite part of the whole book is the “Printable Parts” section with a great checklist and resource of anything and everything you would need for creating and maintaining a successful blog.

The list price for this book is $19.97 and this is my affiliate link to purchase your own copy. I have to be honest that when I first heard the price, I scoffed a little bit, and thought it might be too expensive; however, after reviewing the book in it’s entirety, I feel that the information provided is worth the investment, especially if you are seriously considering blogging.

I wish that I consulted a resource like this when I was starting my blog, it would not have only saved me hours of time in establishing my blog, but hours of time that I have since spent trying to make adjustments to my site for features that I should have had to start with.



Did you use any resources when you started your blog? If so, would you recommend them?

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