Kick Ass Single Mom Emma Johnson


Kick Ass Single Mom Emma Johnson

On this episode of Martinis and Your Money, I am talking to my friend Emma Johnson, founder of the site Wealthy Single Mommy, host of the Like a Mother podcast and author of the recently released book The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest You, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children. We talk about Emma’s new book and building a life that you can be proud of no matter where you’re starting from. Cheers!

What are we drinking?

Emma — New York City tap water

Shannon — Coffee

Podcast Notes

  • Shannon and Emma discuss how single moms can make time to date.
  • One of the main points of Emma’s new book is that kids really don’t need that much time with their parent.
  • 40% of Americans think it hurts children when mothers work outside the home but that is not true!
  • The best thing you can give your children is your own professional success and financial stability, your own well-being/mental health and being great role models.
  • Emma says there is no correlation between spending time with your kids and your kids doing well.
  • Shannon says parent guilt is a very real thing.
  • Modeling is the most powerful parenting you can do.
  • One chapter in The Kickass Single Mom – The SAHM Fantasy That Holds Women Back – discusses how people believe the stay-at-home mom is the better mom but there is no evidence to support that theory!
  • Shannon’s greatest advice to women is “never fully remove yourself from income-earning.”
  • Emma agrees and adds that women need money of their own in their own name – make the choice to be financially independent.
  • Shannon and Emma talk about how moms staying at home with their kids because the cost of childcare is so high.
  • Research says women are more likely to completely drop out of the workforce the moment when their income is about to exceed their husbands’.
  • That is putting someone else’s worth above your own worth.
  • Shannon wants women to create whatever reality they want as long as it involves continuing to make money!
  • Every woman should be earning her own income the way she wants to and maximizing it in every way possible.
  • Shannon and Emma agree that parents owe their children a comfortable experience of parenting together.
  • Emma is very closely connected to the activist group, Leading Women for Shared Parenting.

TAKEAWAY: Don’t make career and money decisions based on your children or significant other. Make the right choice for you, and hopefully you will always choose to want more for yourself. I think that moms and dads should always be striving to find ways to make more or demand more of themselves. It not only prepares you financially for whatever life throws your way, but it also gives your kids a great example of hard work they can replicate. I never thought I would be a single mom, but here I am, and I am thankful that I have choices in how I can raise my son because I’m not fully reliant on another person.

Random Three Questions

  1. If you could write another book, what would you write about?
  2. What is a show you like to binge-watch?
  3. What is your ideal date?

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