Don’t Buy It – Try it!


Do you have a product graveyard?

I like beauty products as much as the next girl. I’m guilty of having a “product graveyard” that is pretty sizable.  Product graveyards consist of all of the beauty products we have purchased, typically without much thought ,and then ceased to use them continuously.  The interesting thing about me is that I have probably spent THOUSANDS of dollars on various face moisturizers over the past 18 years and yet the one item that I use consistently is Oil of Olay, which averages for $9 a bottle and lasts for months.

One day a few years back my friend Lisa took me to Sephora and opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Prior to this day, I thought that the Sephora “Try Me” items were nothing but a collection of germs, funguses, and infections waiting to happen.  The concept of putting my fingers into a product that hundreds of other fingers had been in just seemed completely revolting to me.  But Lisa showed me the value of “trying and not buying” while in a Sephora, and I have to give it a VERY BIG Financially Blonde approval to it.

Sephora is awesome

At least twice a month, I make a point to visit a Sephora with no make up or product on my face. I arrive with the intention of giving myself the greatest “free” facial possible.  I tour all of the face product sections and try out the most expensive options. I am not a big fan of the make up sections, but I encourage those if you are interested in that sort of thing.  After my facial, I typically spray some dry shampoo, add a little lip-gloss, and I’m ready to go.  My husband always comments on the youthfulness of my face when I return home after one of these trips.  Check out my before and after pics below and let me know if you see the difference.  I love that both my husband and I notice a difference, and that I have saved myself hundreds of dollars on facials and expensive skin care products.  I challenge you to take advantage of a “Try It but Don’t Buy It” trip. Tell us about your results and what products we should try!

try it pics

 Do you ever go shopping and not buy anything but try stuff out?

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