Driving a Bus and Other Fun Millennial Jobs

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Driving a Bus and Other Fun Millennial Jobs

I am continuing Millennial Money Week on the podcast today, and talking about jobs. Joining me for this topic is Amber Berry from the blog Feel Good Finances. I recently met Amber in person. When she mentioned her job of driving a city bus – I just had to have her on the show. Amber shares the ups and downs of a millennial trying to find work she loves, a problem for a number of people not just millennials.

What are we drinking?

Amber — Lemon-lime Gatorade

Shannon — Earl grey tea

Podcast Notes

  • Amber began her string of odd jobs when she was a freshman in college.
  • She has been a city bus driver for 6 years now.
  • Since she graduated college, she became a trainer for bus drivers.
  • She graduated with a biology degree and tried some jobs related to her degree, like DNA research, but she decided that wasn’t for her.
  • Amber thinks she has had so many jobs because her job as a bus driver allowed her so much freedom and the opportunity to grow as an individual and the other jobs she has tried have not.
  • Shannon thinks there is now a degree of pickiness among millennials when finding a job.
  • Amber thinks she would be different about choosing a job if she had children and a dog, but since it is just her right now, she knows she can take care of herself.
  • Shannon says job turnover is a lot more common among millennials than not.
  • TAKEAWAY: Sometimes a job is just a job. Even if you hate it, remember you are learning along the way. Eventually you will find a job that is meaningful to you!

Random Three Questions

  1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  2. What is a book that changed your life?
  3. What is a website that you spend a lot of time on?

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What is the craziest job you’ve ever had?

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