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Beef Stroganoff

Hi everybody, FB Hubby back with a special FB $15 dinner challenge. Those of you who have read some of my Foodie Friday posts will know that I sometimes pick on my mom’s cooking from when I was growing up. Now she was a single mom raising two boys, so she did her best. However, not everything was bad. In fact, there were several things that she did really well. Her chicken cordon bleu was really good among others like that. One thing that she made really well is the topic of this FB Foodie Friday, Beef Stroganoff.

For My Brother, Seanne

Shannon posted on her Music Monday this week about how our family now views Memorial Day weekend as the anniversary of when my brother, Seanne (pronounced like Sean; Seanne is the Scottish version), died 11 years ago. Indeed, just like those families who have lost loved ones in the course of military service for our country remember them on Memorial Day weekend, for us it holds a similar memory. So in honor of my brother, I am making beef stroganoff.

Why that? Well, growing up, beef stroganoff was his favorite meal that our mom made. He would always request that for his birthday dinner or for any other reason. This meal was one of the best things my mom made. Of course, it didn’t hurt that it turned out to be an inexpensive meal to make. It is also pretty easy to make at the same time. One of the keys to the whole meal is using a chuck steak. Lots of people think that something like this should require top round or a more expensive cut of meat. However, to make this properly, it needs to be cooked for almost an hour. Chuck meat is not only full of flavor, but it holds up well when cooked for a long period of time.

Great Tasting Meal for a Great Price


The nice thing about beef stroganoff is not only the cost, but that it is simple to make, requires only a few items, and tastes great. The chuck steak, beef broth, mushrooms, noodles, garlic, onion, and sour cream all totaled up to about $14. Some people will add mustard to it, but I don’t recall mom doing that. The sauce coats both the beef and the noodles.

The last interesting thing about this meal is that Seanne never made it for himself. I have made it many times, and Seanne also liked to cook, but he seemed to only want beef stroganoff if our mom made it. I will admit, she made it better than I can. Anyway, I hope all of you get the chance to try this. Enjoy!

Here is the Recipe.

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