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DIY Pizza – Why order out when it can be done at home?

Hi everybody, FB Hubby back where he belongs with another $15 FB dinner challenge. So this week I took over Shannon’s blog and spent the week talking about how to Do It Yourself. Well DIY doesn’t just apply to home projects, it is essential in the kitchen. Now we love a good pizza. In fact, Shannon says it is her favorite dish. So with a little planning ahead of time, I make my own dough, usually two batches, a large one for us, and a small one for our son to DIY his own. The great thing is that we then put whatever we want on top and can control everything. A true DIY pizza.

The Best Pizza – New York!

We have had pizza in many states and a few countries. Not to be too biased, but New York pizza is really the best. When I lived in Atlanta, my family met a guy from New York who opened an Italian restaurant. His pizzas were amazing. One day I asked his secret and he said that he got his dough shipped from New York. It turns out that one of the things that really makes a pizza great is the water that goes into the dough. New York has one of the largest, unfiltered aquifers in the country. Thus the water naturally tastes great and makes for great pizzas. When I make it at home, it is as good as the restaurants.

Lots of ways to DIY Pizza

The great thing about a DIY pizza is that it is really simple to do. It does help if you have either a mixer with a dough hook or a food processor with a dough blade. If you do not, then it will require a good bit more time and effort to knead the dough. However, once the dough is made, then there are endless possibilities to what you can do. So here is the cost breakdown of what you may need to buy:

1 Bag of all purpose flour – $1.00

Honey – $2.50

Jar of Sauce – $5.00 (I actually make my own sauce, but that is a post for another day)

Mozzarella cheese – $2.50

That leaves you another $4.00 to play with to get any topping you like. We have done mushrooms, or onion, or peppers that we sauté up first before putting them on the pizza, it makes for a better taste. Sometimes our son wants pepperoni, which is usually only a few dollars. The other great thing is that you can often just look in your refrigerator and see what you have to throw on top. There is no wrong way to do it. Enjoy!!

Here is a link to the recipe.

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