FB Foodie Friday – Not Your Mom’s Meatloaf


Not Your Mom’s Meatloaf

Hi everyone, FB Hubby back with another $15 FB Dinner challenge. So in honor of Mother’s Day, Shannon talked about her Mom (my mother-in-law) and how hard she worked (sometimes three jobs) and how that taught her about the value of hard work. My mom also raised two boys as a single mom and she instilled in me the same work ethic. I think that both Shannon and I value hard work over many things due to what we learned from our Moms.

So the one tough thing about growing up this way, was the time period. Although Julia Child had inspired many people to branch out with their cooking, it was not the height of culinary experiences. One of the great disasters of this time, meatloaf. I hated meatloaf night. Yes, it was still then a very inexpensive way to feed a family. But typically it was ground beef combined with the dried Lipton Onion Soup mix, and some sort of gravy on top. The meatloaf was cooked until it was so dry, that it was tasteless, and painful to eat.

Flash forward 20 years

I know we are not the only ones to experience this, but it is amazing the changes that can occur in our parents cooking once the kids are all grown up. Both my mom and mother-in-law make these great meals that taste amazing. They are nothing like what we grew up with. Both Shannon and I ask why we never got these meals when we grew up. One of these newly inspired meals comes from my mother-in-law, and it is meatloaf. At first, I was skeptical, having avoided meatloaf for years. Yet this meatloaf was not like anything she or my mom had ever made before. The only thing I changed is adding some steak sauce to the mix that goes on top, which is optional as far as I see, but I like it. I also use the meatloaf mix, which I love that many stores now make their own. I like to serve it with peas and potatoes.

The Breakdown

Meatloaf mix – $ 6.00

Garlic – $ 0.50

Scallion – $ 0.50

Shallot – $ 0.25

Eggs – $ 1.50 (since you have to buy 1 dozen)

Steak sauce – $ 4.00 (optional, but I like it)

Brown sugar – $ 1.00

Potatoes – $1.25

Frozen peas – $1.25

This is not your mom’s meatloaf, so surprise her and make it for her.


Here is a link to the recipe.


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