FB Foodie Friday – Valentine’s Dinner


Chicken Piccata – A Dinner Courtesy of San Valentino (FB Hubby)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! OK, as I am sure you read earlier this week, we don’t really celebrate this Hallmark holiday around here. However, I would like to direct this to any of the guys out there. If you plan to celebrate with someone special, don’t waste a bunch of time and money going out. This is one of those nights that I like to call Amateur Night, kind of like New Years Eve, when people who don’t normally go out decide to, and they just don’t know how to do it right. Anyway guys, stay home and cook your special someone dinner. Even though I am the main cook of the house, a great meal is always appreciated. So I am back with not only another $15 FB dinner challenge, but one that is easy to do and tastes amazing. Trust me, if this doesn’t get you some Valentine’s action, well, then you made it wrong. 😉

I must admit, when I was younger, I was always leery of capers. I thought they looked strange so I avoided using them. I think it was when I finally tried something with them that I really began to appreciate them in cooking. Chicken piccata is a great meal that utilizes the great flavor of capers without letting them overpower the meal. It also only takes about 20-30 minutes to make, which is perfect for a simple meal. I recommend getting the thin sliced chicken breasts, otherwise you really need to pound flat the regular kind. The other advantage is that most of the thin sliced chicken breast packages come in 1.0-pound sizes. The larger chicken breasts tend to come in greater weights, which ends up costing more, and you really only need one pound. The sauce that this makes tastes great over pasta. I served it along with an arugula salad. Enjoy

Cost Breakdown

  • Chicken Breasts = $5.50
  • Capers – $ 2.25
  • Chicken broth – $2.00
  • Garlic – $0.50
  • Lemon – $0.50
  • Shallot – $0.25
  • Linguine – $1.00
  • Arugula – $2.50
  • Total: $14.50

Here is a link to the recipe.


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