FB Foodie Fridays – Chicken Sausage Pasta


This week I have been talking about being fooled, and I thought I would share this recipe that I think is a great way to “fool” your family into eating healthy. In addition to being healthy and good for your family, this dish can also be made in one pot. What is not to love about that?

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

  1. Chicken Sausage = $3.99
  2. Kale = $2.50
  3. Chicken Broth = $2.50
  4. Crushed Tomatoes = $1.00
  5. Pasta = $0.89
  6. Parsley = $0.99
  7. Mushrooms = $1.50
  8. Onions = $1.00
  9. Garlic = $0.50
  10. Total = $14.87

*I shared a toasted breadcrumb topping you can try if you have panko breadcrumbs on hand. If not, they will add about $1.50 to your total. The meal is delicious without them. Also, I was able to get the chicken sausage and kale on sale. This is an important thing to note when keeping your shopping budget in order, it is a valuable tool to have many meals in the back of your mind, so that when you get great deals at your food store, you can “change up” your plans on the fly.

Here is a link to the recipe.

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