FB Foodie Fridays – Ginger Lime Chicken

Ginger Lime Chicken

This week’s meal, Ginger Lime Chicken, is quick, easy and less than $15. It calls for curry and ginger, which may turn some taste buds off. If you don’t like these options, you can always substitute lemon and garlic or just use salt and pepper on the chicken thighs. I serve the chicken with rice and a veggie. Here is the price breakdown:

    1. Chicken Thighs = $3.84
    2. Rice = $2.49
    3. Chicken Broth = $2.49
    4. Curry Powder = $1.79
    5. Green Onions = $0.99
    6. Green Beans = $0.99
    7. Ginger Root = $0.67
    8. Two Limes = $0.50
    9. Total = $11.27

Here is a link to the recipe.

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