Financial Transformation & Human Design with Kiera Doyle


Financial Transformation & Human Design with Kiera Doyle

For over seven years now, I’ve watched the amazing transformations that take place when someone embarks on a financial wellness journey. You may decide to get financially fit because of a particular pain point, like student loan debt or lack or savings, but once you start focusing on your money, it’s amazing what different doors and opportunities can open up.

Joining me today is Kiera Doyle, hairdresser, host of the Beauty Therapy podcast, and Human Design reader, to talk about her journey toward financial fitness, and how it led to a truly unique side hustle she never anticipated. If you know anything about human design and you are curious about mine, stay tuned toward the end to hear what Kiera has to say about me.

What Are We Drinking?

Kiera — Cran-Raspberry La Croix

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Podcast Notes

  • Kiera has been a Financial Gym client for a while now.
  • She is a hairdresser, facilitator, and writer, and she has had a winding career of many things. She went to school for writing and did public relations (PR) for a little while. She moved to New York and got certified to teach yoga. 
  • After Kiera was certified for yoga, she realized she wanted to go to cosmetology school. Cosmetology school wasn’t easy, but it was always in the back of her mind. She always felt limited by anything that cost money and felt like she couldn’t do it.
  • Kiera didn’t grow up with an abundant amount of money and had limiting beliefs around it. 
  • Kiera made her way to New York in a very scrappy way. She thought she had an apartment, but she lost it and lived on a couch for six months. She waitressed during that time so she could afford to get her own apartment.
  • She always wanted to move to New York. Her parents and grandparents were born there and she had family in Brooklyn.
  • Kiera lived in Boston, graduated college, and was working at a job she didn’t love. She was pretty good at PR and decided she wanted to do that on her own.
  • She went through a very hard breakup and that was all she needed to pack up and move to New York. She ended up living with a high-class call girl and she didn’t know it. Her roommate was one of her clients when she was doing PR, and when Kiera went independent she signed a contract with her. 
  • Kiera knew her as someone in the fashion business. Her roommate would go into homes and redo wardrobes. Kiera wrote up a business plan for her and gave her the price. Her roommate couldn’t afford it and instead offered her a room in her Hoboken apartment for three months.
  • The place was beautiful. Kiera drove from Boston at 3:00 in the morning. At the time, Kim Kardashian lived on the same floor. She knew something was up. Within two weeks, the door opened and a middle aged guy came in and asked her, “What are you doing in my apartment?”.
  • It was then that she found out her roommate was a high class call girl and this was her sugar daddy’s apartment. She knew he was going to be in Europe for three months, so she stole his keys and set the whole thing up so Kiera could live there for free and work for her for free.
  • Kiera had a friend that lived near Hoboken and she was just getting off her shift. They had planned to get a drink together and Kiera called her and told her what happened. Her friend said to stay at her place.
  • Kiera’s friends convinced her to apply at their restaurant, even though she didn’t have any experience. She decided if she got the job, she would stay, if not, she would move back to Rhode Island with her parents. At the time she only had one PR contract and was making $1,500 a month. She didn’t make enough to live.
  • Kiera had a fake reference and interviewed at the restaurant and she got the job on the spot. It turned out that it was a fine dining restaurant and she stayed less than a month.
  • Kiera moved to New York on another couch and got a job at another restaurant. She served for about three years to support herself. There was something that felt really good to become good at something she was originally not good at. 
  • Kiera worked in a hair salon in Boston and always loved the beauty industry. She would have gone straight to cosmetology school after high school, but she didn’t have a say in it, because her parents made her go to college. It was always on her to do list.
  • While living with her friend, she moved into a bedroom that opened up and she went through cosmetology school and got licensed. After getting licensed, she had to go through an unpaid apprenticeship.
  • Kiera’s hairdressing job led her to a corporate job she has now. 
  • She worked for a big beauty brand and they put on large education event for hairdressers and she was asked to give a class to 2,000 hairdressers over three classes. Kiera considered it to be the shining moment in her career.
  • When she stepped off the stage, she felt a little depressed, because she realized she wasn’t really happy. Kiera was looking for a community, because she felt lost spiritually and financially and she felt disconnected from her body. She had been giving everything she had over the last 10 years trying to survive in New York.
  • Kiera found an event through Awake the Space and she decided to go to it. There was a segment from the Financial Gym and that is where she met Shannon.
  • Very soon after that, Kiera signed up for an appointment with Bridget, and she slept better than she had in a long time after that appointment.
  • A lot happened after Kiera found Martinis and Your Money. She had never had an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. She was opened up to podcasts and the information that is out there. 
  • Kiera joined the Gym in February 2018, and after that her life started transforming. 
  • The money part is easy, because numbers are numbers. That leads to other areas of self improvement. 
  • Kiera was comfortable being very stressed financially. New York is expensive and she wasn’t making enough money. She wasn’t looking at where she was spending her money and she was paying interest on her credit cards. 
  • Kiera doesn’t tend to spend a lot of money on herself, but she spends a lot of money. She tends to spend it on going out, gifts, travel, groceries/food, and she is very generous. She is learning to be very mindful of where she is at and she is learning to not say yes to every trip she is invited on. 
  • She is a perfect example of someone who has improved so much, but she still needs her trainer. She is a different person than who she was two years ago.
  • After she started working on her finances, Kiera had to ask herself what else needed to be worked on. Her finances were masking other things she was uncomfortable with. 
  • As she started doing the work and removing the credit card pacifier, she realized how much she was spending on little things. They really add up.
  • When Kiera started making her own lunches and eating better, she became attuned to things that were going on in her body. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is an estrogen imbalance, in her mid-20s. It had been explained to her that she needed to be on birth control.
  • Kiera started realizing that she felt good the first two weeks of the month and bad the last two weeks. She started taking the DIM supplement and using a progesterone cream and it made a big difference. 
  • Her health started changing and she looked forward to things her insurance would cover like teeth cleaning. Her mindset changed and she stopped to think before she would go get a cup of coffee.
  • Sometimes what she really needed was to walk or talk to a friend. Before, Kiera would use her coffee break to avoid something stressful and she actually just needed to ask someone for help.
  • Kiera loves going to coffee shops, but she rarely buys her coffee out anymore. Before, the little ways she spent her money was the only good feeling she had in a day. 
  • The accountability of having a Financial Trainer is helpful for Kiera.
  • For the Gym, a great session is the client showing up. Coming in and facing your finances is the hardest part. Trainers just want you to show up. They want the best for you.
  • Kiera’s sacred cow is beauty products, because it is important for her self care. She has her own podcast called Beauty Therapy.
  • Through listening to other podcasts, Kiera found human design.
  • While she was driving, she heard it and she found out it is related to what time of day you are born. She knew the time she was born, so she pulled over and found out she is a manifesting generator. This type is meant to move through the world in a non-linear path, take on many different jobs and roles, and their work is all about being able to dive into what their heart is called toward. 
  • The chart was very complicated to read, so she went to book with a reader and she wasn’t available for seven months. She booked it anyway and in the meantime, she bought a ton of books on Amazon to learn about it.
  • Human Design is like an astrology chart on crack. It is like a manual or guidebook on how to navigate throughout the world. There are five different energy types and from there you will find out your strategy. Are you meant to respond to the universe, are you meant to initiate and get things done, are you meant to wait for the invitation, etc. You will then find the special skills and talents you have and how you make decisions.
  • Inside all of our charts, we have an energy system which is either defined or open. Where we are open is where we drink in and take in the world. Where we are defined is our personality and that won’t change.
  • Kiera finally had the session and she was excited because everything the chart reader told her, Kiera already knew. As soon as she figured out how to read her chart, she wanted to read for her friends and family.
  • By following her design, it was the first time in four years she decided to be uninhibited and go where her heart was calling her. She started reading charts and started a podcast while working a full-time job.
  • Kiera started reading for her friends and people she worked with, about five or six people, and then she started getting inquiries from people she didn’t know.
  • Kiera connected with a woman in Saudi Arabia who is an influencer on Instagram, and she has sent her at least 100 clients from Saudi Arabia. Kiera is breaking into the New York market and she has done three events on Human Design.
  • The abundance that comes from reading has been transformative. 
  • The five energy types are:
    • Manifestor: The people who wrote the book The Secret. They use the phrase “I think, therefore I am”, “I knew it, so it came true”. All they need to do is think and they can initiate it or manifest it and bring it to life. They have a powerful aura, but it can be repelling, because it is meant to protect them. These are the guys that were the emperors, pharaohs, kings and they needed something where people weren’t going to attack them. What manifestors want most now is to simply be able to manifest in peace. Their strategy is to inform other people what they are going to manifest before it comes through. These people are pretty rare and make up about six percent of the population.
    • Pure Generators: They have the energy and life force that is defined and they produce energy. They have to do work they need to do or they will feel burned out. With the right work, they will have more energy. They have to be in the game and contributing.
    • Manifesting Generators: This is a hybrid of manifestors and generators. They came here to work and they have to do what they love. They are always distracted by the next shiny thing. They are here to teach the world they don’t need to move on a linear path and they are here to have fun. They are light and playful. Collectively, the generator types make up 70 percent of the population.
    • Projectors: They are around 27 percent of the population and they don’t have an energy center, so they can’t create energy for the world. They borrow and transmute from other people. They are here to be our guides and our leaders and they can’t work all day. They are meant to have a 30,000 feet in the air perspective and tell others where they should go to get things done. They want to be seen, because they see others so well.
    • Reflectors: They are rare and make up less than one percent of the population. Their entire body graph is wide open. They drink in the world, they take in everything, and they reflect back to everyone else. They want to be surprised. They need to wait a full lunar cycle to make a decision.
  • Shannon was born April 19, 1978, at 10:20 am, in New Orleans. Kiera uses a website called
  • Shannon is a pure generator and her number one responsibility is to stay lit up. She has the energy to bring up everyone else’s energy in the room when she is feeling great and she can also bring the energy down. 
  • When she does the work she loves, she is energetic and she can keep going with that work. When she is feeling bogged down and not fulfilled, she is drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is defined in her Sacral and her root center.
  • Shannon has a lot of energy to get things going, get things started, and get things moving and she has a lot of openness. She is able to channel information and ideas. It is good for her to be around other people for brainstorming. 
  • Shannon is open emotionally and she tends to pick up other peoples’ emotions and she feels those emotions three times more than the other people.
  • According to the charts, the two things she tends to avoid are confrontation and truth, because she doesn’t want to hurt the other person. She over anticipates in her mind that the other person is going to be so upset or so mad, so she avoids it and just deals with it.
  • Shannon has the intuition psychic gate. 
  • It takes the average person seven years to decondition when they learn their energy type. When we can live according to our authoritative design, that is when we are able to get into our flow.
  • Shannon is already living according to her design. Her gut is her authority.
  • When we can live according to our design and listen to that authoritative center within us that’s when we are able to get in flow.
  • So many of us live in our heads. It doesn’t matter which energy center you are, your head center is never going to be your authority. Every time we try to make decisions with our minds, we are making the wrong decision. 
  • Shannon is great at selling ideas. When she speaks, people really trust her. It comes through on a soul level. Human Design takes in to consideration your soul’s birthday on your birthday. They are two charts merged together, and our soul’s birthday is 88 days before we are born.
  • Shannon’s profile is a 4/6, which is a opportunist/role model. As an opportunist, the world sees you first as someone who is vivacious, sparkly, connects with a lot of people, and very good in PR. The community you build around you is going to change your life and lead you down different paths and directions.
  • As a role model, Shannon’s life is meant to be lived out in three phases.
    • The first phase is 0-30 years old, which is the trial and error phase. This is the time where you feel like you need to be at the center of everything. During this time you bring up a lot of pain for yourself and a lot of inner trauma. This ends after Saturn returns. 
    • In phase two, you move on to what is called the roof of your life. This is the time you sit on the roof and realize you don’t need to be a part of everything in order to learn from it. Now you are going to learn from other people and your perspective shifts outward. It is about noticing for the first time where other people are. This is the time to take on a new study or new practice and go internal with building and creating this new thing. This phase will last as long as it needs to or until around 50 years old.
    • The third phase is called the role model. This is a person that takes on as a public figure. It is somebody who has lived through it and made the mistakes and it is somebody who has really learned how to clean up that mess and help the community. You’ve brushed up against life in a hard way and you have fallen back in love with life. You are the person everybody looks to for answers.
  • Shannon wanted Kiera on the show is because of the transformative nature of getting financially healthy. Her path to financial health led Kiera to this awakening and to a new and better understanding of herself. There is so much power in getting financially healthy. 
  • Shannon has been more and more interested in human design, because it started with Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation and about finding herself. A lot of these things are intertwined.
  • Knowing yourself, why you are here, and your purpose in life takes away a lot of unhappiness.
  • Human Design made Kiera feel like she has permission to be herself. It is all about unbecoming everything we are not so we can step into who we really are.
  • Click here to schedule reading with Kiera, and enter promo code GYM150 for $45 off.

TAKEAWAY: My biggest takeaway is that life is unpredictable, although according to Kiera it can become more predictable with Human Design. The best way to manage the unpredictability is a focus on financial wellness. You truly have no idea where the journey will take you, but it always seems to be such a great road trip.

Random Three Questions

  1. What is a movie you can watch over and over again?
  2. If this was your last night on earth, what would be your last meal?
  3. If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?

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