Top Ten Free Or Cheap Things To Do


Free Or Cheap Things To Do

10) Watching shows on my computer or i-Pad – I DVR a number of programs, but sometimes as a break from work, I like to pull up individual videos of Hoda and Kathie Lee or Jimmy Fallon.

9) Spending time with family – I have A LOT of family and when I was younger I hated spending time with them. As I have grown up, I have come to appreciate my family and enjoy our time together.

8) Visiting Museums – I have a great friend who has been working in the museum community for years and she has completely opened up my eyes to the joys of museum walking. As a Bank of America customer, I can go to museums for free on certain dates just by showing my debit card.

7) Cooking a new recipe – I have challenged myself to cook more and not only make yummy, healthy meals, but inexpensive ones. So far, the boys are happy and so is the bank account.

6) Pinteresting – I could spend hours pinning anything from quotes, to recipes, to tattoo pictures.

5) Walking / Working Out – I live in a beautiful part of New York and around this time of year, there is nothing better than getting out in the fresh air surrounded by fall colored trees.

4) Sleeping – Ever since becoming a mom over 7 years ago, sleep has become such a valuable resource and every night slept without interruption is more valuable than gold.

3) Google/Facebook or LinkedIn stalking people – I confess to being a web stalker. I can’t help it. And don’t judge because you know you do too!

2) Talking or Texting with friends – My dad recently said, “You can’t make new old friends.” It’s true. There is also a Girl Scouts song that says, “make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.” Also true. Love my new and old friends.

1) Reading – Three years ago I got a kindle and it changed my life. I make it a habit to support self-published authors, so I typically spend no more than $1.99 on a book that transports me to a whole new world for hours or days at a time and I love it!

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