Free with Purchase


Free with Purchase

Around the holiday season, we see this enticement a lot. This offer is probably the most tempting way to get us to spend money.  After all, we are getting “two for the price of one.”  We all get excited about free things.  The issue with this is when it drives our purchase choice.  It is only a good deal if we were going to buy one of the items anyway.  Unless the free item is something of significant value or something we needed to buy anyway, we need to “Just Say No” and walk away.

Just like my blog about impulse buying, this sort of advertising is aimed at making us do exactly the thing that we shouldn’t. Don’t be swayed by the promise of something free if you wouldn’t pay for it anyway. Put down the bottle of Romance perfume! Drop the four bottles of freesia lotion that will just collect dust under your sink! Your bank account will thank you later!

Have you ever been fooled by the free with purchase marketing?

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