Happy Hour Live from the Lola Retreat

martinis and your money

Happy Hour Live from the Lola Retreat

Today is the last Friday of the month, and in case you are new to this blog or my podcast, on the last Friday of the month, I host a happy hour on my podcast where the happy hour ladies and I talk about various money topics while drinking cheap drinks! This month’s Happy Hour is super special because the four of us recorded this live from the Lola Women’s Money Retreat. I have to warn you that if you’re listening to this episode and you’re a Martinis & Your Money fan, you may have serious FOMO. I think the best thing I can say is that you may have missed this Lola retreat, but there will be more, and I can guarantee you that I will be there for them! Me and the ladies talk about our experience of attending this event, and I loved all of the listener/attendee anecdotes we got along the way. To say that the Lola experience changed my life would be an understatement – I hope you enjoy hearing more about it!

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What are we drinking?

Melanie from Dear Debt — Champagne & grapefruit (a Lolamosa)

Tonya from Budget and the Beach — Also drinking a Lolamosa

Mrs. Frugalwoods from Frugalwoods.com — A sparkling grapefruit beverage because there is another Babywoods on the way!!

Shannon — A Lolamosa

Podcast Notes

  • Shannon asks Melanie to talk about her experience of making her dream a reality over the last year.
  • Melanie thanks the Happy Hour ladies for being the Lola Retreat’s first supporters.
  • Shannon discusses Mrs. Frugalwoods’ reluctance to spend money frivolously and asks her why she decided to spend the money and attend the retreat (besides to support Melanie).
  • The whole point of Mrs. Frugalwoods’ frugality is to spend money on the things that matter to her and to focus her resources on her values.
  • She thinks it is so important for women to come together on a topic that is traditionally seen as male and to have meaningful, transformational conversations.
  • No matter what you do in life, money is going to sustain it – it’s part of your life!
  • The ladies discuss what they learned from the sessions of this retreat.
  • Shannon adds that “even if you become expert-status on a subject, you can still continuously learn and get better!”
  • Some of the ladies’ favorite session topics included:
    • What’s Love Got to Do With It? Money and Relationships – Mrs. Frugalwoods
    • Money 101: Spend Less, Save More and Get Your Life Together – Tonya
  • Shannon throws Tonya under the bus for not attending some of the sessions including the money and relationships session.
  • Tonya highlights her favorite aspects of the Lola Retreat like its intimate environment, the interactivity, the end-of-the-day conversation over wine and cheese and the financially diverse group of women.
  • Shannon asks the crowd why they decided to spend the money and attend the retreat.
  • Shannon praises listener and podcast guest – Jennifer Dane – for paying for three scholarships to the Lola Retreat so three lucky women could attend!
  • Jennifer gives a shout out to the Financial Gym and announces it is looking for investors!
  • Melanie and her partner Emma have set a goal to not necessarily make Lola bigger but to make it more frequent.
  • To find out about future Lola events, visit the Lola Retreat website and check social media – tweet using #lolaretreat to join in on the conversation!
  • TAKEAWAY: When women get together, magic happens!

For all of the women who were there when we recorded live – I hope you know that I love and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Your support, stories and amazing spirits made for one of the best weekends of my life. I loved being a part of this magic!

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