Happy Hour Session 1

martinis and your money

Happy Hour Session 1

This is a new series I am adding to my podcast. On the last Friday of every month, I am going to share what I call Happy Hour. In my mind, it’s me and a few friends sitting at a table during happy hour, drinking half priced drinks and eating half priced food all while talking various topics in personal finance.

Joining me for the first Happy Hour is Mrs. Frugalwoods, Melanie from Dear Debt, Tonya from Budget and the Beach and J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance.

While drinking our favorite cheap drinks, we discussed various scenarios and whether or not we thought you were saving money or stealing while doing them.

What’s Everyone Drinking?

Mrs. Frugalwoods – Boxed Wine

Melanie – White Russian

J.Money – Guiness Blonde

Tonya – 24th Street Pale Ale

Shannon – Cristalino

Podcast Notes

In this month’s happy hour we talked about various scenarios and questioned whether we thought it was just smart saving or stealing. There is sometimes a very fine line between the two.

Here are the saving vs. stealing questions we tackled:

Cleaning out your hotel room

Wearing clothes and then returning them

Bringing snacks to the movie theatre

Taking home office supplies

Borrowing someone’s Internet

Using somebody’s login for streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu Plus

Leaving a bad tip

What is your opinion on these questions? Do you think someone is saving or stealing when doing them?

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Shannon is a financial planner who left a “traditional” financial services firm to start her own company, The Financial Gym, because she felt traditional financial services firms did not have the tools or resources to help people in their 20s and 30s who are starting out and trying to build assets while also managing debt. She realized that the key to long-term personal financial success is a commitment to financial fitness and making smart financial choices. Through her blog, Financially Blonde, her book, Train Your Way To Financial Fitness, her podcast, Martinis and Your Money and The Financial Gym, Shannon is committed to making financial fitness fun, easy and accessible for everyone.


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