Helping Women Talk About Money and Investing

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Helping Women Talk About Money and Investing

If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you know that I’m a supporter of women started businesses and also events, services and products designed to help women better manage their money. I’m such a supporter that a few months back a listener left an iTunes review saying that I was anti-male and reverse discriminatory. I know that there’s gender sensitivity out there, I’m blonde, not dumb, but the facts around gender roles and personal finance unfortunately speak for themselves, women earn 30% less than men, they don’t invest as much, they’re targeted for more consumer and credit products and they live longer.

I’m not anti-male, as the founder of a financial services company, I just see the disparity all day long and I’ve made it my mission to close the financial gaps that I see. All that being said, this is why I’m excited to have today’s guest on the show. Hilary Hendershott is a financial planner and host of the Profit Boss podcast who has decided to host a women’s wealth building event called Profit Boss live.

What are we drinking:

Hilary – Americano (espresso with hot water)

Shannon – Lemon Lime Schweppes

Show Notes

  • Hilary shares how she became a financial planner through her father’s financial planning practice
  • We briefly speak about bubbles and how you manage around them
  • Hilary discussed the fact that she was a financial mess and shared how she changed her behaviors to become more successful
  • We talk about our experience of working with women who don’t understand their finances and how it has failed them in the past
  • Shannon asks Hilary how she helps her client’s get comfortable with investing
  • Hilary blames national news media for people’s issues with investing
  • We discuss the jargon and lingo that’s out there and how you can understand it better
  • We talk about the difference between men and women when it comes to talking about investing
  • Hilary talks about Profit Boss Live and why she created this event

Random Three Questions

  • What do you do to relax?
  • What is a show that you like to binge watch?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
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Shannon is a financial planner who left a “traditional” financial services firm to start her own company, The Financial Gym, because she felt traditional financial services firms did not have the tools or resources to help people in their 20s and 30s who are starting out and trying to build assets while also managing debt. She realized that the key to long-term personal financial success is a commitment to financial fitness and making smart financial choices. Through her blog, Financially Blonde, her book, Train Your Way To Financial Fitness, her podcast, Martinis and Your Money and The Financial Gym, Shannon is committed to making financial fitness fun, easy and accessible for everyone.

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