Holiday Traditions or Lack Thereof – Happy Hour Style

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Holiday Traditions or Lack Thereof – Happy Hour Style

Today is the last Friday of the month and in case you are new to this blog or my podcast, on the last Friday of the month, I host a happy hour on my podcast where the happy hour ladies and I talk about various money topics while drinking cheap drinks! Since today’s Happy Hour episode is airing the day after Thanksgiving, the ladies and I are sharing some holiday traditions (or lack thereof)!

The holidays have different meanings for everyone, as you will hear in this show, and they evolve over time. However, they almost always bring together people who love and enjoy each other. Cheers!

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What are we drinking?

Melanie from Dear Debt — Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea with a shot of Scotch

Tonya from Budget and the Beach — SoCal Mule

Mrs. Frugalwoods from — Pumpkin beer

Shannon — Tito’s vodka with Grapefruit San Pellegrino

Podcast Notes

  • This Thanksgiving will be a first for Shannon so she will be creating brand new traditions.
  • Some of the Frugalwoods’ Thanksgiving traditions include hosting Mr. Frugalwoods’s parents and sister every year and cooking a traditional holiday feast.
  • The holidays are a time when Mrs. Frugalwoods does not worry about the costs of hosting family members and cooking for everyone.
  • Shoofly pie is a traditional Frugalwoods’ Thanksgiving dish.
  • Melanie says the last six years she and her boyfriend and family met in San Francisco to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • This year she is celebrating with her parents and her boyfriend’s parents as well as with her grandpa.
  • Tonya says in her 20s and early 30s, she had a lot of Friendsgivings, but now every year is different.
  • For the last five years, she has done a local 5k run with some friends.
  • She gets her Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods.
  • Shannon says she doesn’t view family events as relaxing.
  • Melanie is hoping nobody brings up politics at Thanksgiving this year.
  • The ladies agree everyone had a “drunk uncle” figure in the family.
  • Tonya adds that she watches The Sound of Music every holiday.
  • The ladies discuss their must-have Thanksgiving dishes:
    • Tonya’s are pumpkin pie and stuffing, but not fancy stuffing.
    • Melanie’s is pumpkin pie.
    • Frugalwoods’s is also pumpkin pie.
    • Shannon’s is stuffing.
  • Melanie and Tonya say they would rather be a guest than a host for the holidays.
  • Frugalwoods enjoys hosting others for the holidays.
  • Shannon says she is not caught up in the Black Friday deals and the ladies agree; they definitely will not be shopping on Black Friday!
  • The ladies discuss who they traditionally shop for during the holidays.
  • Shannon says she is going to be spending the Friday after Thanksgiving watching the new Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix!
  • The ladies finish the episode by telling what all they are thankful for this year.
  • Enjoy the ones you love when you are together, and if you can’t be with the ones you love, don’t be afraid to discover something new or different with somebody else or by yourself!

Do you have any holiday traditions or lack thereof?

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  1. Yay! It’s Thanksgiving. We always look forward to this occasion because the whole family gathers and prepare much to make this celebration a more meaningful for anyone. The food and topic varied. Actually, we talked about politics and anything under the sun.

  2. I love the 5k tradition that Tonya takes part in. I have a few friends who do that and I would definitely consider it. I’ve delivered meals on wheels the past ~10 years so I plan on continuing that, but if we stop doing it ever I would consider a 5k.

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