Performance and Leadership Coaching with Tara Newman


Performance and Leadership Coaching with Tara Newman

My team and I work day in and day out getting people financially healthy, and there’s really only so many changes you can make to your expenses. One of the best and most effective ways we see people getting their financial lives in order is through making more money and becoming more productive in their current or new jobs in order to make more money. So I’m excited to have today’s guest on the show, Tara Newman Performance and Leadership Coach and Founder of the Bold Leadership Revolution. Tara’s joining me today to talk about her experience helping leaders achieve higher levels of performance in their work and personal lives and what it takes to get there. I hope this conversation inspires you to reach for higher performance in your work life as well.

What are we drinking?

Tara — LaCroix

Shannon — Schweppes

Podcast Notes

  • Tara and Shannon met when they were trying to build their blogs in 2013.
  • In 2014, Tara decided to offer a service on her blog to make money.
  • Tara has been a coach for two decades. She went to grad school for organizational psychology. The TV character she gets compared to the most is Wendy Rhoades from Billions (minus the dominatrix routine). Tara did her internship for an executive coach and worked for a long time within various organizations.
  • In 2014, she admitted she was burned out. She went to a naturopath and found she had end-stage adrenal fatigue, which is emotionally and energetically driven. The gateway to start healing was reiki (an energy healing system) and becoming certified as an advance reiki practitioner.
  • In January 2015, Tara decided to start her own business so she could quit her full-time, corporate job. She took eight months to build it, to make sure it got off the ground before quitting her job. She had built enough of a platform through her blog, and already had a network, and she was able to quit earlier than expected. In her first month of business she made more money than in her bonus check for the year.
  • Most clients spend more money when they are unhappy. They can take a lower-paying job, and tend to save more when they do, because it will make them happy.
  • Tara and her husband started a business previous to this one and they went bankrupt in 2010. She had a lot of fear about quitting her job and having that happen again.
  • You are either winning or you are learning. While working full-time, Tara was intentional about taking all of the revenue and reinvesting it into the business and herself.
  • Tara originally decided to leave her job in 2016, but in May 2015, she decided she wanted to leave even earlier. She and her husband created a list of things they needed to thrive and that was what they spent money on. Anything else was cut, so she could save enough to leave her job. Tara found that 90 percent of things on this list don’t cost money. She reviews this list quarterly.
  • A couple things that were included on this list were a small wardrobe of higher quality clothing and regular manicures. If she wants to add something to the list, she either cuts something or makes more money by either working or selling something.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, you have to accept the fact that you are a commissioned salesperson.
  • Leadership is for everybody – you are leading yourself. If you have a family, you are leading them. Every day you are leading in some way.
  • What is the biggest challenge most people face when accessing that higher level of performance? People who are ambitous are too focused on the achievements and the outcomes. They overuse their ambition and it becomes a weakness.
  • When you focus on performance and the process and go beyond the initial motivators (money), there are some traits of high achievers that disappear. When you go beyond the money, you can begin to make more money.
  • A high achiever will burn the the candle at both ends to achieve the outcome. A high performer will never sacrifice sleep.
  • How do you go from being a high achiever to a high performer? It is a process and takes a tremendous amount of self-reflection. Tara coaches people to take them from being a do-er to a be-er. Coaching helps determine the behaviors, habits, and beliefs that need to be adjusted.
  • Most high achievers benchmark themselves against others. You will never meet your highest and greatest potential, if you cannot perform every single day.
  • Tara believes that leaders today are an endangered species that are burning out at an alarming rate. If we do not take serious measures to protect our energy and sanity, we will never go on to leave the legacy and impact that we desire to leave.
  • Tara is an eight on Quick Start on the Kolbe assessment. People who like her Quick Start energy often do not have it themselves.
  • Everybody has the potential to set goals and accomplish them. Human beings are adaptable.
  • Tara has a contract with her clients. She has a 100 percent commitment to them getting results, but she doesn’t tell them what to do. Her clients are in control of their results. If working with Tara is not the quickest, most effective, or most enjoyable path to them getting the results they want, she will release them from the contract. She has only released a client once.
  • Clients need to want the change or it won’t work.
  • Are their resources for people who are not ready for a coach? When a person is not ready for a coach, it is usually their own fear and resistance. People can continue to read books and listen to podcasts, but if they want to commit to mastery in their life, they will need a coach. You will not be able to take it to the next level on your own. Why keep doing good when you could do great.
  • Tara takes on clients who want a coach, not those who need one. She offers programs at all different price points and lengths of time. Anyone can schedule a free call to see if coaching is right for them.
  • Tara also has a podcast called Bold Leadership Revolution.

TAKEAWAY: Understand the value of a coach and how that coach can help you achieve higher performance levels in all aspects of your life whether it’s your job, your finances, your body, or your mental health. I see firsthand the difference my trainers make in the lives of their clients every single day and if you want to achieve more in some area of your life, I encourage you to invest in yourself. There is no greater
investment you can make than in helping yourself achieve more in life.

Random Three Questions 

  1. If you weren’t coaching, what would you be doing?
  2. What is a show that you like to binge watch?
  3. What do you do to relax?

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