Money Lessons From A Kid

martinis and your money

Money Lessons From A Kid

This is officially my 12th podcast, and I have to be honest with everyone, it’s my absolute favorite. For those of you who don’t know, I record the podcasts either alone or via Skype with a guest and then FB Hubby actually edits them for me. Like most things in our home, the podcast is a family affair and there have been times when my son, Will, has not had time playing video games with his dad because his dad is editing a podcast for me.

Will is an 8 year old, only child, who is smart and precocious and picks up on just about everything going on in this house, including my podcast. Despite the fact that he knows that I do this, I was actually a little surprised that he showed great interest in recording one with me.

beware of the cute2

I knew we would drink chocolate milk while we chatted (because that’s his favorite) but when I asked him if he wanted it in a regular glass or a martini glass, he said without a doubt, he wanted to drink the chocolate milk in the martini glass just like my regular podcast guests do.

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Podcast Notes

There is not really much in the way of notes for this podcast since it was essentially one big stream of conscious, but I do have to say that Will gave some great advice for parents on how to raise financially responsible kids and he also gave great advice for kids on how to manage their money well.

Music Mondays - Oops I did it again

All of his answers are his own, and it made me really proud to realize that everything that we have been talking about the last few years, he has been taken to heart. As you can imagine, Will inspires me in many ways, so here are some of the posts I have written about kids and money thanks to him:

working moms

Will through the years1

Random Three Questions Answered by Will

  1. What’s your favorite book you have read?
  2. What is your favorite subject in school?
  3. What’s your favorite meal?

family steelers game

Will also asked me three random questions, and if you want to hear my answers, you will have to check out minute 23 of this podcast. I really had a great time recording this with Will and I hope you enjoy listening to it! If you have kids, other than the passing of gas by Will, this is a very family friendly episode if you want to play it for them. Next week, I will share my year-end podcast with lots of great cameos from some of my good friends.

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Did your parents talk to you about money? If you have kids, do you talk about money?

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  1. Will is brilliant!! This was a GREAT idea to have a child as a guest on this podcast. I forwarded this episode to my sister so she can begin to teach her own son the importance of saving his money!! Thank you for this unique perspective, Shannon!!

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