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I was recently looking for new music to add to my playlists, and I saw this song at the top of the iTunes chart and not only did I like the sound of it, but while listening to it, I realized that it pretty much describes my job.

Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader

She is always right there when I need her

I’m a Cheerleader for My Clients

I have said this in the past, but I think that the greatest service I give to my clients is to be their cheerleader on their financial journeys. I get phone calls, emails and texts all the time from my clients updating me on the various changes they are making with their money, and I always respond with positivity and encouragement.

Financial updates are common to me now, but sometimes I wonder who else would celebrate the refund of a bank fee or a 60-point increase in a credit score. Who would give you a virtual high five for calling your cable provider and getting your monthly bill lowered?

These financial events may seem small to other people, but I understand the importance of them in the context of my client’s lives. I understand that every step in the right direction financially is going to lead to better things for my clients, and when you are on a long journey, you need to celebrate every victory no matter how small along the way.

No one is more excited for my client’s success than me, and I really do feel like their cheerleader on the sidelines cheering them on even when they have setbacks. I feel honored that they trust me to be a part of their journey and from the moment we start working together, I am in their corner supporting them with positivity.

My Cheerleader


I am a cheerleader for my clients, and I am fortunate to have my own cheerleader as well, my hubby. Bill and I met on 13 years ago, and our time together has not always been smooth and it has not always been fun, but since the day I met him, Bill has always been my biggest cheerleader.

With every step of my career, Bill has supported and encouraged me. He is probably the only person I know who has read every blog post I have ever written, he edits and listens to my podcasts, he frequently watches our son on evenings and weekends so I can meet with clients, and he’s always ready with a cocktail for me after a long and trying day.

There have been many days over the last two years as I have built my practice where I questioned my decision and thought about giving up; and every time I hit a bad place, Bill cheered for me even louder. Bill’s encouragement and positivity in times of doubt for me are exactly what I need to keep me going, and this is exactly what I do for my clients.

Cheerleaders Make Us Successful

I am in the process of raising money to grow my business, and through this process I have reviewed a number of my client profiles to share with potential investors; and while working on this, I realized that 90% of my clients achieve their financial goals. The overachiever in me would like it to be 100%; however, I know that a 90% success rate is incredible, and I really do feel that my presence and positivity play a large part in my client’s successes.

I know that I am a success in my business and with my financial goals because I have my hubby as a cheerleader. Cheerleaders do make a difference in our lives, and it’s important to have them. I encourage you to act as a cheerleader for others, especially loved ones, and if you don’t have a cheerleader in your life, send me and email and let me know, and I will be that person for you. I have positivity to spare!

Do you have a cheerleader in your corner encouraging you toward your goals? Are you a cheerleader for someone else?

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Shannon is a financial planner who left a “traditional” financial services firm to start her own company, The Financial Gym, because she felt traditional financial services firms did not have the tools or resources to help people in their 20s and 30s who are starting out and trying to build assets while also managing debt. She realized that the key to long-term personal financial success is a commitment to financial fitness and making smart financial choices. Through her blog, Financially Blonde, her book, Train Your Way To Financial Fitness, her podcast, Martinis and Your Money and The Financial Gym, Shannon is committed to making financial fitness fun, easy and accessible for everyone.


  1. Considering your clientele, 90% success is amazing! Can you imagine a personal trainer with a 90% success rate? You can’t watch them with everything they eat and you can’t force them to workout… I’m truly in awe and I’m sure it speaks to the level of support you provide.

  2. I am a cheerleader for my friends and family who and subscribers who struggle with money. And they are cheerleaders for me, too! Having support systems who are your cheerleaders for you is huge – just as it is to be a cheerleader for others. I really enjoy helping people with money!

  3. I do think you are a cheerleader for a lot of people Shannon, including me! I do think it’s easy to be that for someone else with just a little bit of effort. A kind word, thought, or a bit of encouragement to someone goes a long way.

  4. My husband and I are our biggest cheerleaders as well. I think it so important to have at least one cheerleader in your corner. It is hard for anyone person to be 100% confident and motivated about what their doing/pursing 100% of the time.

  5. First off, that’s an incredible success rate Shannon! Secondly, having a cheerleader is a must have in my opinion. In some cases, I think it’s even possible to have them for specific things or areas of your life. My wife is my biggest cheerleader as I am for her. I view it as I want her to do the best she can and vice versa and when the other kills it at something we as a whole benefit too. That support system, as well as the support of others can make a huge difference in keeping on fighting the good fight to get to where you want.

  6. Great post! My biggest cheerleader is my hubby by far- don’t know what I’d do without him! He is always encouraging me to reach my goals- even when they change :-). I also think that other bloggers are great cheerleaders for financial goals! I love the online PF community!

  7. My boyfriend and my parents are big cheerleaders for me, with both personal and financial goals. They help me see the big picture and make the lifestyle changes necessary to reach my goals. And they put up with my spreadsheets!

  8. There is nothing better than getting that phone call or email from a client sharing their success or breakthrough with me. I love doing my happy dance, even if it’s only in my mind! 🙂 My husband is definitely my biggest cheerleader as I am his. It makes a world of difference to having someone cheering you on and believing in you, especially in those dark moments when you no longer believe in yourself. I feel very blessed as my Mom and sisters and BFF are also strong women and cheerleaders too.

  9. I’m not always the most encouraging person in the world, but I try to be a cheerleader for my wife. I know she’s been a big cheerleader for me as I have pursued many of my goals. It’s incredible the impact a little encouragement can have on others.

  10. I having LSS now. I really love this song. It gives me positive vibes and lets me encourage my friends or the people around me to be positive as well. I think we always have to play the role of a cheerleader for someone. We can make a difference by just giving positive advice or encouraging them.

  11. Hopefully you’re not helping people rob banks, but that’s an awesome song! My aunt once told me that the key to a good marriage is to be each other’s number one fan, I think that applies on the career and financial front almost more than anywhere else.

  12. 90% is pretty sweet. I would love if 90% of my ocular disease patients were compliant with treatment. Jim is my biggest cheerleader, even if some of my ideas seemed pretty far fetched at the time.

  13. Dang, 90% is impressive! But I’m not surprised at all with you as their cheerleader – you really have the perfect attitude for coaching people and making others feel like you’re on a team with them.

  14. The PF community is full of cheerleaders, and that’s why so many of us who are doing the drudge work of getting out of debt rely on support from our online friends. I’m lucky enough to have several cheerleaders in real life too. Your 90% success rate is fabulous! I hope that you are soaking in all the satisfaction that number should be giving to you. You know you’re doing the right thing when you can say, “90% of my clients are reaching their goals!”

  15. I always love the family pics! Cheerleading can be tough, but it goes a long way. Just the other day my wife expressed her confidence in me about something, and it totally gave me the motivation I needed. I hope I’m as on the ball as your husband 🙂

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