Music Mondays – Santa Baby


Today’s song choice is not one that I actually like; I chose it as a precautionary tale for the holidays. The subject of this song has a very ambitious list for her “Santa” to buy for her. I know that most of us would not dream of asking for the following items:

1)   A fur coat

2)   A convertible

3)   A yacht

4)   A platinum mine

5)   Tree trimmings from Tiffany’s

6)   A diamond ring

However, sometimes I think we let our “wish lists” get a little out of hand to the detriment of those we love who want to give us what we want for Christmas. I have clients who put themselves in financial distress over the holidays to make sure their significant other’s wishes come true. This year, as you are assembling your wish list, think about this song and ask yourself if you sound like this singer or this one. If you sound like the Santa Baby singer, maybe you need to reflect more on your list. Think about the financial burdens that you may be placing on others who want to make you happy. A more “cost conscious” wish list will not only provide financial relief for those you love, but it will give you a better perspective on what’s important this holiday season. We all love getting gifts, and the holidays seem like a perfect time to go overboard, but we don’t want to feel good while someone else’s bank account doesn’t.

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