Music Mondays – Shake It Off


When a Financial Setback Hits…

I recently experienced a very painful financial surprise. I can’t talk about it on the blog, but suffice it to say, it was a big hit to our savings, and it wasn’t even something fun or something we planned. I talk to clients all the time about being prepared for surprise events because the only surprise is the type of event (i.e. healthcare, car, home, kids), not that the surprise happened. However, sometimes no matter how hard you plan and think you are prepared for life’s financial surprises; an unexpected one always seems to find it’s way to your doorstep.

I knew about this payment a few months back, paid it a little over a month ago, and yet I am still struggling with processing it. I have been giving myself pep talks about all the lessons I have learned through this latest financial challenge and how it will help me in the long run; however, the fact is no matter how hard you plan for the worst, it never feels good when the worst comes true.

And It Seems Really Bad…

What is even harder about this latest event is that it has not only thrown me for a loop, but it has also thrown hubby for a loop. Usually one of us is good about being the cheerleader in a situation, especially when something tough comes along, but when you are both bummed about something, it makes it that much more difficult to process.

So what am I doing to get through this latest challenge? I am taking the wise words of Ms. Taylor Swift under advisement, and I am going to “shake it off, shake it off.” Seriously, this song has been my inspiration and my cheerleader these last few months.

You Have to Shake It Off

Whenever I find myself in a bad place about this particular situation, I pull up my IPod and blast it loud. Suddenly, I am assured that haters are going to hate, players are going to play, heartbreakers are going to break and fakers are going to fake, so at the end of the day, all I can really do is shake.

This is why I love music so much. Sometimes your partner is not always going to give you the emotional support you need, sometimes your family will cause you grief, and sometimes your friends are not going to be there for you, and it’s in those times when you don’t feel like you have anywhere else to turn for inspiration, that a song finds it’s way into your head.

Shake it Off Physically or Psychologically

I usually listen to “Shake It Off” while driving or working out; however, I was recently at my brother-in-law’s wedding, and the song came on and through the music, I literally felt like I could shake off the bad situation. Through dancing, I realized this song gives me the beat to shake off my latest struggle and whenever I do, I clear my head so I can move forward and do what it is that I’m supposed to do.

I know that I was not meant to sit around and mope and complain about a situation that is now in the past. I know that I am meant to help others lead better lives through better money habits, and this is what I need to focus on, everything else just distracts me from accomplishing what I need to do. So I am moving forward by shaking off the past.

Have you had a financial situation that you found difficult to shake off? What worked for you?

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