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Seasons of Love

“525,600 minutes…525,000 moments so dear…525,600 minutes…how do you measure, measure a year?”

This is the first line of the opening song to the motion picture, Rent, and the second act of the Broadway musical. As a huge theater buff, I can’t even tell you how much I love this song and the musical, but let me not digress from this post. I am excited to not only share this song today because I love it, but because this week marks my one-year blogiversary. I have officially spent a good portion of 525,600 minutes working on this blog.

The song suggests a number of ways to measure a year including daylights, sunsets, midnights, cups of coffee, inches or miles; however, as the title indicates, the best measurement for a year is the love that you share. Personally, I love to measure my years in love, but I thought for this post, I would get more technical. Thanks to all of the analytic features of WordPress, I can measure my year of blogging for you, so I thought I would share some of the more interesting ones with you.

Here’s How I Measure A Year in Blogging

Over this past year, Financially Blonde has had

43,000+ Views

3,500+ Comments (Thank you to everyone who comments, I love hearing from you!)

2,238 Views on the best view day

228 new and original posts

55 songs featured on Music Mondays


The Top 5 Referring Blogs to the Site Are: (If I see you at FinCon, I owe you a beer.)


1)   Two Cents Life Hacker with 2,249

2)   Rockstar Finance with 1,873

3)   Budgets Are Sexy with 392

4)   Broke Millennial with 343 (Most of these views come from Erin’s blogroll. Thanks for including me on it Erin!)

5)   Club Thrifty with 208 (Most of these have come from my comments on Holly’s site, highlighting the importance of commenting.)


The Top 5 Blogs My Site Has Referred To (If you see me at Fincon, you owe me a beer)


1)   Frugal Rules with 110

2)   Young Adult Money with 105

3)   The Broke and Beautiful Life with 80

4)   The Heavy Purse with 75

5)   Broke Millennial with 61


My Top 5 Posts By View Are:


1)   Are You Financially Sexy? with 4,201

2)   Top Ten Ways I Save Money with 1,775

3)   Investing Fear Factors with 899

4)   Show Me the Money with 842

5)   Salary Hostage with 562


My Top 5 Posts By Comment Are:


1)   Salary Hostage with 67

2)   Show Me the Money with 59

3)   Beware of the Cute with 57

4)   Music Mondays – Don’t Stop Believing with 56

5)   You Can’t Win Them All with 53


Music Mondays Bonus Playlist

A few months back my friend Andrew at Living Rich Cheaply asked me about the playlists that I make for my clients and if I could share one. For those of you who don’t know, I make playlists for all of my clients to help inspire them on their financial fitness journey. Each playlist is unique to the client and their particular situation. Here is a sample of what I might create for a client who has a problem with spending money and making smart money choices:

  1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want – for the record every one of my clients gets this on their playlist.
  2. Heat of the Moment – a song to remind them about impulse spending.
  3. Life is a Highway – a reminder that it’s a long journey to change money behaviors.
  4. Let It Go – we have all made money mistakes and you just have to let them go and move forward.
  5. I Will Wait – a reminder about the importance of delaying gratification.
  6. More to Life – there is more to life than spending money.
  7. Bruises – a reminder that money problems are temporary just like bruises.
  8. Oops I Did It Again – you will probably fall off the wagon at some point in your journey, and that’s okay.
  9. Applause – we all need to be patted on the back when we make positive changes.
  10. Don’t Stop Believing – never stop believing in yourself, anything is possible!

I hope you check back tomorrow for my book launch announcement as well as my blogiversary giveaway, I am pretty psyched about it!

What was a blog measurement you hit that excited you? What’s your favorite season and why?




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