Sleeping with the Boss


Sleeping with the Boss

As a 13-year financial services veteran, I have seen my fair share of shenanigans and one of those is women sleeping with the boss. I know that people think that this was something that was more common in the past before HR training about sexual harassment; however, I can assure you that it is alive and well today.

Women sleeping with their male bosses is a tale older than time, and I am sure that it takes place in just about every work environment; however, it seems to represent a predominant back story in the world of finance. When I first started working on the trading floor, I remember hearing numerous stories about the wives of the “big guys” on the floor and most of them started out as assistants and had now upgraded to CEO of the family household for the “big guy.” In fact, one of my peers on the trading floor had an affair with our married boss while we worked together. The last I heard, though, the peer and the boss were now happily married.

Let me just get this out of the way, I do not judge people who sleep with their bosses or vice versa. We all have choices and it is not for me to judge someone’s choices, I just wanted to share a few thoughts if you are someone who is sleeping with the boss or contemplating sleeping with the boss.

It’s okay to sleep with the boss, but…

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Do you think it’s okay to ever sleep with the boss? Do you know someone who has? How did it turn out for them?

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