Summer Savings Tips

martinis and your money

Summer Savings Tips

On today’s podcast, I’m talking to Andrea Woroch, a consumer money-saving expert who has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and other programs, about ways to save money this summer! Summertime often presents a challenge for people to save money; and Andrea shares tips on ways to save money on everything from vacations to entertainment to utility bills. This is not only a fun, but a helpful episode for anyone who’s looking to save money this summer.

What are we drinking?

Andrea — a Greyhound (pink grapefruit juice with vodka) sans the vodka because she

is expecting her first child!

Shannon — Lemon martini

Podcast Notes

  • To save money on summer vacations:
    • Be flexible about where and when you travel
    • Rent a vacation home instead of a hotel because it is often cheaper than a staying at a hotel
    • Use Groupon and other sites to find deals for dining out
  • To save money on entertainment while on vacation:
    • Have a budget for what you are going to do
    • Utilize all the free things you can do in the area where you are
    • Deal sites often offer deals for entertainment
    • Credit cards often have perks for entertainment things as well
  • To save money on summer entertainment when staying home:
    • Use Pinterest to come up with ideas for entertaining yourself this summer
    • Local libraries are a great place to find entertainment also
  • To save money on summer barbecues:
    • Have a challenge to engage people to bring different things without asking them to contribute
    • Look for manager markdowns on meat to throw on the grill
    • Make your own marinade
    • Don’t pay for convenience – pre-chopped vegetables, fruit trays, etc.
  • To save money on utilities in the summer:
    • Clean and regularly replace your air conditioning filters to improve efficiency
    • Consider having a HVAC company come out to check your unit – spend money on that to ultimately save money!
    • Use a power strip or unplug anything you are not using to reduce your energy bill around 5%
  • To save money during wedding season:
    • Use the vacation tips from earlier to help you save
    • Split accommodation costs with friends and family
    • Buy used bridesmaids’ dresses online to save if you are a bridesmaid’
    • Use discount gift card sites to purchase the couple a gift
    • Consider offering the couple a service instead of spending money on a gift

Random Three Questions

  1. Are you an appetizer or dessert person?
  2. What is one of your favorite movies that you can watch over and over again?
  3. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Connect with Andrea:

Twitter: @AndreaWoroch


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What are some ways you save money in the summertime? Have you avoided a wedding to avoid spending the money?

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  1. If we ever have a vacation long enough to warrant it — that is, more than 3 days — I’m definitely going to look into vacation homes rather than hotels. Some of the places we want to go… The prices are just terrifying.

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