How to Teach Your Kids About Money


A Book Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of the new e-book, How to Teach Your Kids About Money, from Laurie Blank aka The Frugal Farmer last week, and I am excited to share more about this book with you. For those of you who don’t know Laurie, she and her family have been on a mission to combat the debt they accumulated, while also breaking the cycle and raising four financially aware children. As Laurie points out in the book, there are so many things you want to teach your children as a mom, and healthy financial habits should be at the top of everyone’s list.

I always say that financial health is just as important to us and physical health and just as we teach our children about eating healthy, we should teach them about behaving financially healthy as well. This is a great quick read that will give you some great anecdotes and ideas for teaching your children about money. Laurie shares many personal stories about what she is doing with her own children in an open and honest way that is very engaging.

My Favorite Part

Other than the fact that the e-book is only $4.99 (less than a footlong subway sandwich) is the section on teaching about the perils of debt. In this section, Laurie shares an awesome debt exercise that she used with her daughter and it is one that I definitely plan to use on my son should a financing desire of his arise.

I encourage you to check out the e-book and not only gain some great ideas about helping teach your kids about money, but help Laurie and her family get even closer to their goal of financial freedom. Here is a link to buy the book if you are interested.

Have you checked out Laurie’s book?

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