This Teen’s Got Cents!

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This Teen’s Got Cents

On this episode of Martinis and Your Money, I’m enjoying a mocktail with 20-year-old entrepreneur and creator of the blog site Teens Got Cents, Eva Baker. She started the site while she was in high school, and it has now grown into a business. Her goal for the site is to inspire other teens to reach for and accomplish more in their lives, and she has done just that. It is unbelievable and inspiring to see what Eva has done before she can even legally drink! Listen and enjoy – cheers!

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What are we drinking?

Eva — Virgin Paloma

Shannon — Virgin Paloma

Podcast Notes

  • Eva started her site, Teens Got Cents, when she was just 16 thanks to her mom and a high school project.
  • She says she was very fortunate while growing up because her parents were very open about money with her and her brothers.
  • After listening to the audio version of The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, she realized most people grow up never learning anything about money at all and accumulate massive amounts of debt!
  • She started doing research online and found lots of great resources about how to get out of debt but couldn’t find anything about how to not get into debt in the first place.
  • 4 years later and she’s still blogging at Teens Got Cents and just had her first teen conference, The Teenpreneur Conference!
  • She modeled it after her experience at FinCon because she wanted the same type of comradery with other entrepreneurs her own age.
  • Eva advises parents of teens to realize if they want to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in them, it’s going to cost them money or time.
  • Shannon says parents have to do a lot of work as parents anyway, so why not spend that time and energy helping and inspiring their entrepreneur spirit!
  • Finding that balance between helping your child with their business and not taking over is extremely important.
  • Learning from mistakes and ultimately failure is what helps teens grow the most!
  • One business Eva is very impressed with is a maple syrup company owned by a teen from New York who started his business when he was 12!
  • Shannon and Eva agree the internet helps teens come up with business ideas.
  • Eva believes the value of what you learn from owning your own business is more valuable than a college education.
  • TAKEAWAY: Don’t let age determine your goals in life. Young or old, we’re all on unique journeys. When inspiration hits us, we need to pursue it with passion no matter what stage of life we’re in!

Random Three Questions

  1. What is your biggest regret or failure as you’ve been building your business?
  2. What is a show that you like to binge-watch?
  3. What do you do with your downtime?

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What was your biggest accomplishment by the time you were 20?

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