The Importance of Positivity

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The Importance of Positivity

I am just now getting back from my spring break trip and return to Disney aka the fifth circle of hell and I will have a post about this trip shortly, but today, I am sharing a new podcast with a very inspirational woman to me.

Instant Friends

On this last Tuesday of March, I am sharing a very special podcast highlighting another inspirational woman to me, my college roommate, Jill. As we share in the podcast, Jill and I met on the first day of freshman move-in for college, became instant best friends, and lived together for the next five years including the year after we graduated from college. Jill and I have always shared a number of similarities, our birthdays are one day apart, we were both business majors, we both worked for the same company out of college, our husband’s birthdays are a day apart, we got engaged a month apart from each other and married two months apart.

From my wedding day, Jill is the woman on my right.
From my wedding day, Jill is the woman on my right.

A big difference between the two of us, though, was our path to motherhood. Twelve years ago I started trying to get pregnant and ten years ago delivered my one and only son, Will. Jill started trying to get pregnant long after me; however, it took her six years to finally meet her son and it was through an adoption.

Positivity Despite Setbacks

Her struggle and journey to become a parent has inspired me for years as I watched her remain positive despite the constant setbacks including a failed adoption a month before the baby was due. Most people would be altered for the worst because of all of these challenges, and yet Jill remained positive and never wavered in her faith. Her strength and positivity in the face of adversity has inspired me for years, and I hope you find her story inspirational as well.

If you desire something in your heart, don’t be afraid to pursue that desire no matter what obstacles get in your way. You have that desire for a reason and your path to success will likely have many setbacks, but when you finally reach your ultimate dream, you realize that it’s all part of a greater plan and well worth the journey.

How do you remain positive in the face of setbacks? What goal have you accomplished despite numerous obstacles?

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  1. It is important to always remain positive, especially during hard times or financial setbacks. I always tell my clients that your mood affects everything you do in all aspects of your life. I tend to always stay positive and when I feel like I am having a hard day or had a busy day – I exercise. I feel that Soul Cycle has allowed me to really push myself out of my comfort zone and become someone else. The second I walk out of there and finish my workout, I feel accomplished and my mood is better!

  2. Being positive is really important during setback because it helps you find your way out of it easily. It takes time and courage to be positive in this situation, but what I can assure you is that being positive is really a choice. If you choose it, it guarantees results you hope to get.

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