The Unexpected Costs of Fertility Issues

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The Unexpected Costs of Fertility Issues

For those of you who don’t know, before I got pregnant with my son over 10 years ago, I suffered from a miscarriage. At the time, my doctor told me that it was relatively normal and that I should be happy that I at least passed a pregnancy test because that made me more likely to get pregnant again. At the time, I did not feel happy and in fact, I felt very alone. We hadn’t been trying to get pregnant for long; however, I was excited to think about welcoming a baby into this world.

After the miscarriage, it took us a while to get pregnant again and the road not only felt long, but it was filled with more downs than ups as we tried to have a child. After I had my son, I vowed that I would speak about my miscarriage and make sure that other women didn’t feel as alone as I did; and I was thankful that Abigail Perry of the blog I Pick Up Pennies reached out to me not long ago and offered to talk about the very personal and sensitive subject matter of fertility challenges.

What are we drinking?

Abigail—vodka mixed with cranraspberry

Shannon—vodka & soda with a splash of cranberry

Podcast Notes

  • Abigail has been blogging about getting out of debt for educational and medical reasons for 7 ½ years.
  • Shannon loves an honest blog, and Abigail is very open and honest about the challenges she’s faced in her posts.
  • Abigail experienced a non-viable pregnancy 4 years ago when she was 33.
  • Shannon also experienced a non-viable pregnancy.
  • After Abigail’s first experience, she and her husband tried again pretty quickly and experienced a non-viable pregnancy again.
  • Abigail has experienced 5 failed pregnancies in the last 4 years.
  • There are so many costly things that result from fertility issues and trying to conceive from pregnancy tests to medications to surgeries to psychological treatments.
  • Abigail wants to try again, but this will be the last time.
  • Abigail’s story proves the road to pregnancy is not always an easy one and can be very costly.

Random Three Questions

  1. Are you a beach person or a mountain person?
  2. What is your favorite TV show, past or present?
  3. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Have you struggled with fertility? Do you want to have kids?

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  1. Hello! Popping over here from Abby’s site and glad to have another blog to read and another podcast to add to the lineup. Abby’s so great and I love that you guys are so open to talking about this – thanks!

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