Top Ten Chick Flicks


I live in a house with men. Even my cat is a man. So, whenever I have the place to myself (which is rare), I like to watch girly movies. The girlier the better. The next time I am home alone, I could be watching one of these movies…


10) Grease 2 – Yes, 2 not the original. For whatever reason, I love the lesser quality copy of the original movie. In particular, I wanted to be a “Girl for All Seasons” I just couldn’t figure out which one because they all looked fun.

9) Terms of Endearment – Whenever I want to cry my eyes out, I watch this movie. Especially now that I am a parent, and I watch the scene where Shirley Maclaine begs the nurses to give her daughter more meds so she won’t be in pain, I lose it.

8) 10 Things I Hate About You – I LOVE when Kat reads her poem at the end about not being able to hate Patrick. Such a great scene.

7) Bridget Jones Diary – Despite the fact that I have a difficult time believing Renee Zellweger is “fat” in this movie, I love it. And I was always a Mark Darcy type vs. Daniel Cleever (see my top favorite chick flick).

6) Love Actually – This movie makes the top ten of many lists for me. I have a caveat, though, I can actually only watch it after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Hearing “Christmas Is All Around You” throughout the movie just makes me want to celebrate the holiday season, that song and the Christmas lobsters of course.

5) Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion – This is a great example where you can’t judge a “movie” by its cover. From the commercials and promos I had absolutely no interest in this movie. However, once a friend told me she loved it, I rented it and fell in love too. It has such a great message about staying true to yourself and the importance of friendship.

4) Pretty Woman – This movie made girls all over the world dream of being a hooker that is how good it is. Who doesn’t want to meet a wealthy, available, prematurely grey but hot guy who wants to buy us clothes and take us for dates in a private jet?

3) Dirty Dancing – “Nobody puts baby in a corner” is one of the all time best cheesy lines from a movie, and beside that, who did not want to fall in love while dancing with the hot, sexy, older guy from the wrong side of the tracks?

2) Girls Just Want To Have Fun – The first time I saw this movie when I was a tween, I fell in love with it. I had the biggest crush on Jeff and to this day, I still get excited when Janie and Jeff are announced as the new regulars on DTV.

1) Pride and Prejudice – the BBC version – This is one of my favorite books ever, and despite the length of this film, it never feels long to me because it captures the entirety of my favorite book in a movie. And I have had a crush on Mr. Darcy since I was in high school.

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