Top Ten Family Vacation Movies


Top Ten Family Vacation Movies

As many of you know, I am currently enjoying a week long family vacation, and in honor of this, I thought I would share some of my favorite family vacation movies. If you have not seen some of these movies, make sure you check them out.

1) National Lampoon’s Vacation

This is the cadillac or should I say “family truckster” of all family vacation movies. Anyone who has ever been on a road trip with your family understands the highs and lows of this the Griswold’s cross country trek in pursuit of some good old fashioned family fun.

2) Dirty Dancing

Even though most people think about this movie as a love story between Baby and Johnny, it all started with a family vacation for Dr. Houseman and his family. If Dr. Houseman’s patient, Max, didn’t own Kellerman’s, a vacation resort in the Catskill Mountains, we would never have the movie magic that is this final scene.

3) Summer Rental

Another overworked Dad, Jack Chester, tries to take his family away for a beach vacation only to wind up in a series of mishaps that leads to him fixing up a floating seafood restaurant to race in a local Regatta.

4) Grown Ups

This was one of those movies that I thought would be painful and not funny, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was the second movie that was painful and not funny, but this original was highly entertaining.

5) We’re the Millers

Even though they are a fake family, this movie about an RV trip across the Mexico border for a drug run is one of the funniest movies I have seen recently.

6) National Lampoon’s European Vacation

This movie was not as good as the first one (maybe because there were different kids), but still has some great quotable moments including the day that they spent driving around Big Ben.

7) What About Bob?

Psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin tries to take his family on a vacation, only to be followed by one of his crazy patients.

8) On Golden Pond

This movie is not as funny as the others on this list, but it is a poignant tale of a daughter seeking a connection with her father, and the connection he makes with her future stepson while he stays with them at their summer home.

9) The Great Outdoors

Another great John Candy family vacation movie, and this one is set in the mountains instead of the beach. The scene in the steakhouse is better than any episode of Man vs. Food.

10) RV

Instead of a fun family vacation to Hawaii, the Munro family instead is forced to suffer through the ups and downs of an RV trip from California to Colorado. Despite the challenges of the trip, the family learns to reconnect with each other and have fun along the way.

What is your favorite family vacation movie? Do any of these movies remind you of your own family vacations?

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