Top Ten Favorite Things


Top Ten Favorite Things

Well, today is officially my last Friday top ten list. There may be other top tens in my future; however, I will just post them when my editorial calendar allows. Going forward, on Fridays, I will share my new podcast, “Martinis and Your Money: Living a Better Life One Cocktail at a Time.” I have already recorded a few, and I am excited for you to hear them.

martinis and your money

As I alluded to on Wednesday, when I decided to commit to a new top ten list every Friday in honor of my 10th wedding anniversary, I originally anticipated that they would all be light and fluffy like top ten favorite actresses or top ten favorite shows. As I took my blogging more serious, though, so did I take my top tens.

Pure Frivolousness For Your Friday

Since this is my last official Friday top ten post, I thought I would share with you a very light and fluffy top ten list of many of the frivolous things I had originally anticipated sharing with you.

Here are some of my top ten favorite things:

1) My favorite movie: Love Actually although I can only watch it around the holidays because it reminds me too much of Christmas.

top ten favorite things

2) My favorite book: Pride and Prejudice. I fell in love with this book junior year of high school and I have read it dozens of times since.

mr darcy

3) My favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla. I am a purist with the flavor, but I love to dress it up with different toppings like peanut butter or fudge.

ice cream

4) My favorite food: Pizza. I can eat pizza every day of the week.


5) My favorite wine: Anything Sparkling. I love the bubbles and call is “champs” for short when I am out drinking with my friends.


6) My favorite band: Bon Jovi. I always tell people that they perform the song track of my life.

bon jovi

7) My favorite television show: The Cosby Show. I can watch that on Hulu Plus and still laugh from it.

cosby show

8) My favorite vacation. My father took the family to Italy for two weeks when I was 24 years old. It was my first trip overseas, and I loved it.


9) My favorite phrase: “Sh&t show” I use this to describe just about anything, a person, place, thing, event, you name it and it could end being a “sh&t show” to me.


10) My favorite color: PinkHowever, I just like to use it for design; hence my website colors, I don’t like wear it.

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Feel free to answer any of these favorite things below! Anything you would like to hear me chat about on my podcast or do you want to record one with me? Let me know in the comments.

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