Top Ten Movie Wedding Scenes


Top Ten Movie Wedding Scenes

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary and I thought I would celebrate year 10 of marriage through my blog by posting a Top 10 list every Friday for the next year. I also thought it would be a fun way for my blog followers to get to know me better. With weddings on the brain, I thought I would start this new blog series with my Top 10 Movie Wedding Scenes. I hope you enjoy this and your weekend!

10 ) Wedding Crashers – The concept of this movie was brilliant, and I love the montage of weddings crashed during the song Shout. It is hysterical to see the two of them bond with the family and friends of complete strangers.

9) My Best Friend’s Wedding – I actually did not enjoy Julia Roberts for most of this movie. I mean, she does spend the majority of the movie trying to sabotage her best friend’s wedding. But this scene in the end is so touching that it made me forgive her for all of her shenanigans throughout.

8) Father of the Bride – Steve Martin’s angst over his daughter’s surprise engagement and wedding were fun to watch throughout, but it was really moving to watch him “give” his daughter away and fight the emotion of the moment.

7) My Big Fat Greek Wedding – This was a very funny movie with great moments throughout, but I really enjoyed the Greek family spitting on Toula while she is walking down the aisle and the look of disgust on her in-laws face over the tradition.

6) Tangled Ever After – Tangled is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, and I love that they created a short film to show Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding. I particularly love the chameleon flower “boy”.

5) Love Actually – This is probably one of my all-time favorite movies and one of the few movies that followed a number of different couples and yet you were attached to all of them. I love the surprise rendition of All You Need Is Love with the pop-up instrumentalists throughout.

4) Sixteen Candles – This movie is another one of my all-time favorite movies and Ginny walking down the aisle hopped up on pain pills because she got her period is one of the highlights. I particularly love her saying “love the teapot” about her guest’s hat.

3) Old School – This movie was truly a showcase for Vince Vaughn and Frank’s wedding scene is classic. My favorite line is “Well Columbus wasn’t looking for America my man but that seemed to work out for everybody. Didn’t it? You’re here you know what I mean.” And because it completely changed the way I heard the song Total Eclipse of the Heart, I had to add the other video as well.

2) Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 – I am a self-confessed Twilight fan. I got into the books before the fourth one, Breaking Dawn, had been released. So I was beyond excited when it finally came out and Edward and Bella got to have their wedding. I thought this book and movie were the weakest of the series, but I did love the wedding scene. I particularly loved the fact that they recreated it for the movie almost exactly as it was described in the book.

1) Sex and the City – Like many fans of the show, I was hoping that when this movie came out that Big and Carrie would get married. So, like most people who saw the movie, I was beyond devastated that Carrie’s “perfect” wedding was an epic fail, but when they finally do get married, you realize that this was truly the perfect ending/beginning for Big and Carrie.

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