Top Ten Movies About Love


As the perfect ending to a week focused on love, I thought I would share my favorite movie love stories. Whether you are in a relationship or not, I hope you spend tonight either in love or optimistic about the hopes of finding love as these people have.

What’s your favorite movie about love?

10) Bridget Jones Diary – This was not only one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, but I found my wedding song, Someone Like You, from watching this movie.

9) Pretty Woman – I am not the biggest Richard Gere fan, but who doesn’t want to be wooed and swept away by a millionaire. I always tell people that 50 Shades of Grey is the modern day version of Pretty Woman.

8) Beauty and the Beast – I actually watched this with my husband on day two of our first date. I love the idea that love can conquer all and Belle’s love certainly conquered the curse. Too bad I found the beast more attractive as the beast than the prince.

7) Silver Linings Play Book – I was recently out with a group of fellow bloggers when we discussed when you should show your “crazy” to the person you are dating. These two are certainly “crazy” but they are perfect for each other.

6) You’ve Got Mail – As someone who met her husband online, I love that these two found each other online, although, the idea of a chat room meet up seems so much more sketchy now than it did then.

5) Princess Bride – If only I could get my husband to say “As you wish” as much as Wesley says to Buttercup.

4) Dirty Dancing -“Nobody put’s baby in the corner.” One of the all time greatest movie lines and I always wanted someone like Johnny Castle to teach me to dance like this.

3) Notting Hill – I just watched this recently, and I cry every time they play the montage at the end and you see them sitting together on the park bench.

2) Love Actually – Every time I see this movie, I try to figure out which love story is my favorite, and my top stories are either the porn couple or the language difference couple.

1) When Harry Met Sally – I love this tale of a friendship that grows into a beautiful love story, and you also get the bonus of the true love stories interspersed throughout.


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