Top Ten Movies About Money and Finance


Did you watch the Golden Globes last Sunday? They are my favorite way to kick off the awards season, and they help me determine if I need to head to the movie theater to see something amazing. I already know that I want to see American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s win for Wolf of Wall Street made me wonder if I should add that movie to the list. So this Friday, in honor of the latest movie about money and finance, I thought I would highlight my Top 10 Movies about money and finance.

10) The Secret of My Success – I was a HUGE Michael J. Fox fan growing up, and I loved the idea of Brantly working his way to the top from the mailroom.

9) Trading Places – This is not only a funny movie, but a great “David vs. Goliath” tale. I had a client once who was a commodities trader and I asked him if a day in his life was anything like this movie, and he said that some days it could be.

8) The Sting – One of my all-time favorite movies. I will never forget how shocked I felt at the end the first time I saw it. Plus, Robert Redford and Paul Newman really do make an awesomely sexy team.

7) The Money Pit – Although it does not take place on a trading floor or in a bank, I love this movie as a cautionary tale on the lessons of poor planning when it comes to home buying.

6) Quicksilver – I love this movie about Kevin Bacon losing his successful trading job and becoming forced to earn a living as a bike messenger.

5) Rogue Trader – This movie is a great reminder on how people on Wall Street will never learn. Despite the fact that this person took down a bank in 1995, we have had similar situations since at JP Morgan, UBS and others.

4) Too Big to Fail – As someone who was working for Bank of America when these activities were taking place, it felt like watching a documentary when watching this movie.

3) Working Girl – I remember watching this movie in high school and not really having a concept of what it was about, I just knew that I wanted Tess to prove everyone wrong in the end. Then I started working on a trading floor and helped finance mergers and acquisitions, and I had a whole new respect for Tess. Many M&A transactions started out with just an idea like Tess had and then spiraled into something more.

2) Boiler Room – Even though this movie was a fictionalized tale of a “chop shop,” what is frightening to know is that this is not a farfetched concept and I am sure that there are a number of boiler rooms around the country still. Buyer beware!

1) Wall Street – Even though I hate the idea of the tagline “Greed is Good,” Wall Street is filled with people who believe this. I know, I worked with many of them. Hence, the reason I left Wall Street.

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