Top Ten Reasons to Cut Cable


This week my hubby shared how we officially became a cable free household this year. I have to be honest, but a few years ago, I NEVER thought I would cut cable. My brother had gone through this exercise, and I thought he was crazy. However, over the last year, I began reflecting more on my cable usage and it just seemed less and less valuable to me. So, we officially cut the ties two months ago, and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, here are my top ten reasons why I am happy.

1) Saving Money – This is the first and main reason for the exercise and I have to tell you, it is very exciting to think about saving almost $1,000 a year and how it will add up over time.

2) Family Time – We used to have the television on in the background quite a bit; however, now we keep it off unless there is something specific we are watching. This has led to much more face time between the three of us.

3) Reading More – Without the television on all the time, I have definitely picked up my Kindle even more. I love reading, but it is easier to read when you don’t hear a television blaring in the background.

4) New Shows – We have recently discovered some “new to us” shows like How I Met Your Mother, Justified, and Sons of Anarchy.

5) Old Shows – We are happy that we didn’t lose some of our favorite shows when we cut cable like The Daily Show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dancing with the Stars and The Voice.

6) Guilty Pleasures – It has been fun for me to shop around what is available on Amazon Prime and find what I call my “Guilty Pleasure” movies available for free, these include, Dirty Dancing, Grease 2 and Pride and Prejudice the BBC version.

7) Less time wasted – Before we cut cable, we would surf through 100s of cable channels trying to find something to watch. I cannot even imagine how many hours of my life I wasted during the channel surfing process.

8) More Sleep – Now that I am not channel surfing, I have not found myself up late watching a show that I didn’t even care to watch. I am definitely more mindful of what I watch and when.

9) Public Broadcasting – We have discovered the Nova channel on our Roku which is a PBS channel, and all three of us have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the programs. My son was recently fascinated by a special around the rebuilding of Ground Zero and one about NASA’s plans to send a human to Mars.

10) Saving Money – I know this is cheating by using it twice, but it seriously deserves two spots. Saving $1,000 a year helps us reach our financial goals even faster.

What is your favorite thing about cutting cable? If you haven’t cut it, what do you love about cable?



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