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This week I have been focused on side hustling as a way to make you more money and increase the amount of fun you have along the way. There are a number of different side hustles you can try, and as I shared in my post on Wednesday, I encourage you to try a few because you never know what you might enjoy about the process. If you are thinking you need to make some extra money and you have time on your hands, here are some sites you can check out to find a side hustle that might be right for you.


1) Secret Shopping – This is a fun side hustle for me, and I am signed up with BestMark. I like that they send me specific emails about special shops that might fit my schedule and how efficient they are with processing my reimbursement checks. I have spoken to a number of people there along the way and found them all to be very pleasant and easy to work with.

2) Taking Surveys – There are many sites for taking surveys that offer various rewards; however, the site I like best that is not only easy to use, but provides the best rewards (in my opinion) is Buzzback. They will send you emails when a survey is best for you so you don’t have to check the site all the time. Just make sure you do the survey as soon as possible because they expire.

3) Babysitting – There are a number of sites for this, but I like I have actually used this site a number of times to hire babysitters for my son, and I was very pleased with the results. You may find that there is competition when it comes to being “noticed” so I would try to make your profile as broad as possible so you get more hits. Another great way to get babysitting work is to ask your co-workers if they need or have friends that need a sitter. Since they already know you (and hopefully like you), they should feel comfortable suggesting you to their friends and a word of mouth referral is the best.

4) Tutoring – A great way to find tutoring jobs is to email department chairs of schools directly with your resume and your availability to tutor (I should know, I am married to a department chair). However, if you want a broader option, you can try

5) Points / Rewards – This type of side hustling may not result in cash directly; however, if you spend enough time doing it you can earn Amazon (and other) gift cards which I typically use to fund my “fun” time of reading. The site I like the most for this is Swagbucks, and I usually multi-task and do this while I am watching t.v. or something similar.

6) Website testing – This is a side hustle that I am relatively new to, so I don’t have a whole lot of feedback on it except you can make around $10 or so per test. The site that I have been using is User Testing.

7) Freelance Writing – I have to say that I think one of the best ways to get freelance writing jobs is to actually have a blog because people who want to hire you can see your content all the time. That being said, if you are getting started out and don’t want to start a blog, you can try Odesk to find work.

8) Virtual Assisting – I have not done this as a side hustle; however, I thought of hiring one myself and the site that I get the best reviews about is Zirtual. This type of side hustle is great for a Type A person who is great at juggling a lot of balls.

9) Freelance “Other” – I know a number of designers who have used Elance and it is sometimes difficult as far as not underbidding yourself to win work, but a handful of them have found great opportunities through the site.

10) Gopher – If you have extra time and a somewhat flexible schedule, then you might enjoy side hustling through Task Rabbit. The pay is based off of the assignment, so it varies, but I know a number of “rabbits” who are able to multi-task and work for task rabbit while also doing some other hustles at the same time.

If you have a finance blog, you should make sure you add it to Modest Money’s list of the top finance blogs. I did it, and for me, it made it painfully clear that I am not doing enough SEO work on my site. However, it’s a great list and you should be on it!

Where have you gone to find a side hustle? Are there any good spots I have missed?

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