Top Ten Summer Memories


End of Summer

This weekend marks the official end to summer, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the fall and all of the excitement it has to bring. That being said, I had a wonderful summer, and I thought I would take this time to share my top ten summer memories with you.

For those of you new to my site, my 10 year wedding anniversary was last October on a Friday and I decided that I would celebrate my marriage for a year by sharing a different top ten list every Friday until my next anniversary. So every Friday until October 18, 2014 you will find me blogging top tens about anything from credit scores, to savings tips, to movie lists.

Here are my top ten summer memories

1)   My Family Vacation

In August, I spent a week with my family in Cape Cod. I challenged myself and successfully unplugged for most of the vacation, and I truly enjoyed it. I had such a great time catching up with my parents, my siblings, nieces and nephew. It would not have been near as fun if I were tied to my computer the entire time.

Family Summer 2014

2)   Spending Time With My Son

This is the first full summer I have been working from home, so I got to spend lots of quality time with my son. I know that this fall is going to be crazy for me with work and travel, so I made sure to bank as much time as I could with him while I could, and I loved every minute of it. The picture below was taken the other day. I asked Will where he wanted to go for a special lunch and he said, “IHOP.” He also brought a book to read. Love my kid!

will ihop

3)   Seeing a Whale

While in Cape Cod, we went on a whale watching cruise and I got to see a number of whales up close and personal for the first time in my life. It was truly breathtaking and a memory that I will hold dear for a long time. Thank goodness my dad was armed with his camera and captured most of it, like this moment.

Whale Breaching

 4)   Finishing My Book

In a few weeks, my first published book, Train Your Way to Financial Fitness, will be released. It has been a labor of love and a lot of work went into completing it with my publishing team from edits to cover design to picking a printer. I am excited to share the results with you soon!

train your way

5)   Walking Around New York City

One Friday this summer, I decided to spend quality time with FB Hubby and we took the day to walk around New York City. We walked over 15 miles and enjoyed street meat, Central Park, cheap cocktails and pizza. It was a great day and a great reminder why I moved back to New York six years ago from Florida.

central park



6)   Being Named Co-Host for AOL Jobs Finance Hub

In August, after a redesign of the AOL Jobs site, I was named the co-host of the Finance Hub. I am excited about this opportunity and the growing responsibility of mentoring others in the finance profession. I have lots of stories from my 13 years of being one of the only women in the room.

7)   Completing a Cleanse

I have tried a cleanse, but a friend of mine told me about the green smoothie cleanse and how it was good for your liver and kidneys. I decided to try it just to see if I could make the 10-day commitment, and I am happy to report that I did do it. It was really difficult, but I love when I accomplish something that I never thought I could.

8)   Finishing Our Basement

The basement is done and looks fantastic. FB Hubby and FB Father In-Law did most of the hard stuff, but I definitely helped out with painting and detail work. Once hubby recovers from the experience, I will have him share the results with you.

9)   NY Bloggers Meet Up

I always love when I get to meet other bloggers in person, and a few weeks ago the NY Bloggers gathered for a meet up. We had lots of new faces there and it was fun to spend time with everyone drinking two for one beers.

10)  Having an Intern

Thanks to an auction at my high school, I had an unpaid intern working with me for most of the summer. She was a tremendous help as I prepped for the book launch and everything that comes with it. I have really missed having her around and all of the help that she provides, but I am so thankful that I had her for the time that I did.

What are some of your favorite memories from this summer?

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