Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials


Continuing with my Super Bowl theme of the week, I thought I would use my Top Ten Friday to highlight my top ten favorite Super Bowl commercials. I have definitely always been someone who looked forward to the commercials more than anything. I always love checking around the next day to see what commercials people loved and hated. As a side note, I was putting these clips together while FB hubby and I were hanging out, and we were both laughing until we cried at a number of these. So funny!

10) EDS cat herding commercial 

9) The Buddweiser commercial with the dog training the Clydesdale

8) Honda CRV Ferris Bueller Commercial

7) Bud Light commercial with the fire breathing man 

6) Bridgestone tire commercial where the man thinks he hit reply all

5) E*Trade babies with the milkaholic

4) 2013 Buddweiser Clydesdale – I cry every time I see this one. Maybe it’s the mom in me.

3) Bud Light wine and cheese party

2) Career Builder Monkey Commercials

1) Budweiser Clydesdales after 9/11

What are your favorite Super Bowl commercials? What are your least favorite?



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