Top Ten TV Moms


Moms I love after my own

Like most kids, I did not appreciate my mom as much as I should when I was growing up. Instead, I watched lots of t.v. and fantasized about being a member of someone else’s family. Here are some of the t.v. moms I wish I had.

10) Marion Cunningham – Any mom who would let Arthur Fonzarelli live over the garage of her home because she was concerned about him despite his leather jacket and bad reputation, is a great open-minded mom example. Mrs. C was the cool mom on the block.


9) Norma Arnold – As the matriarch of the Arnold home in the late 1960s, Norma not only maintained a calm, well balanced home, but a positive frame of mind despite all of the challenges confronting her family.


8) Shirley Partridge – I could barely play the clarinet when I was in middle school, but I loved the fact that this mom was not only musically inclined, but she traveled and performed with her kids.


7) Lorelai Gilmore – Lorelai is the pinnacle of single moms and as a woman who is married to the child of a single mom, I can appreciate all of the struggles she went through to create a compassionate, well-rounded child.


6) Marge Simpson – Despite the fact that her husband is a self-centered, donut eating disaster and her son lives in after school detention, Marge does her best to keep her family  always focused on doing the right thing no matter how difficult a task that is for them. She has been the voice of reason and soul behind the Simpsons family for 20+ years.


5) Peg Bundy – She may not be voted “mom of the year” by anyone in recent history; however, I always loved how “untraditional” Peg was and the fact that she was always into her husband no matter how gross he seemed.


4) Carol Brady – My parents divorced when I was two and they both ended up remarried with other children, and despite the fact that I love my siblings, I always wished we were something more like the Brady Bunch and my mom was more even tempered like Carol.


3) Elyse Keaton – I have to confess that I always had a crush on Alex P. Keaton; however, his mom was someone I loved watching as well. Not only was she a successful architect on her own, but she embraced her hippy lifestyle with her hubby to teach her kids that there was more to life than money.


2) Angela Bower – The show is modeled around Tony, who was responsible for caring for things around the house; however, Tony could not have gotten through a day or provided a roof over his daughter, Samantha’s head, without the hard work of Angela. She is one of the most highly underrated tv mom’s in my mind.


1) Clair Huxtable – They had five kids in the house, we had five kids in the house, why wasn’t ours as funny? Seriously, we had four girls and a boy in our house, and I always wanted to be a Huxtable instead. I loved how successful Clair was but mostly how contagious her laugh was as they worked through the various family challenges.



Who was your favorite TV mom? Who did you wish was raising you growing up other than your own mom?

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