Top Ten Ways Google Found Me


SEF = Search Engine Fun

For those of you who don’t have a blog, bloggers have the ability to track a number of activities around their site, including what people searched for that led them to their particular blog. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a big part of a website’s success as the more traffic a site gets, the more opportunities it has to make money. When you have strong SEO characteristics, then that means that people can search for a number of things and your site will appear high on the first few pages of Google which typically leads to more traffic.

A few months back, J.Money from Budgets Are Sexy had a blog titled “You Googled My What?” that shared a few of the random searches people entered that found him, so I thought I would steal the idea from him and share some of the fun searches that led people to my site. (As a funny side note, I found the link to J’s site, by googling “you googled my what” and his page was right at the top. So J, that was me!)

Top Ten Ways Google Found Me

1) “Financially Blonde” – Well this is a big “duh” and a given, but what I think is even better is that people do not even have to spell Financially Blonde correctly to find me, they have also found me by searching “financially blond” “finacnially blonde” financiallly blonde” “finnanicially-blonde” “financiallyblonde” “finacially blonde” “finance blonde”

2) “Sexy Blonde” – Why thank you, I am a sexy blonde. 🙂

3) “Young Brad Pitt 1999” – I wish I had a picture of young Brad Pitt in 1999. He is still hot, but he was really hot back in the day before all those kids.

brad pitt

4) “Big Girl Panties” – Yes, I do have a post about putting on your big girl panties and dealing with your financial messes you may have created after all of your holiday shopping.

5) “You Always Want What You Can’t Have” – I don’t feel this way, but I know of a number of ex-boyfriends who do. 😉

6) “South African Frugal Moms” – I have no idea how this one got to me, but I support those South African frugal moms and their efforts to live responsibly for their families.

7) “Help Clients Overcome Fear of Investment” – YES!!! I wrote a great post about helping clients overcome investment fears and another one about why they shouldn’t be afraid. Check them out!

8) “He Will Return the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children” – Huh?


9) “Bridgestone Tire Commercial Blonde” – I am not sure who she is, but she’s not on my site.

10) “My Dad Gave Me a Check for 11 Million Dollars” – I am not sure who your dad is, but does he want to adopt a fun-loving, successful, financially fit daughter?


BONUS – So, thanks to J. Money, I have a very popular blog post Are You Financially Sexy? And the combination of the Financially Blonde title and the “Sexy” in the blog post have led to some VERY interesting search results like: “” “hard blonde” “” “bolond sexy” “blonde for money” “do you want result on sexy blode” “blonde kinky” “www.full sex and big” “ ideal” I laugh to myself thinking of all of the randy men who were looking for sex and found financial advice instead. Serves you right! 🙂

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What are some funny ways Google has found you?

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