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Top Ten World Cup Goals – FB Hubby

Principales Objetivos Diez Copa del Mundo

Hola todos!! FB Hubby aquí, con mi principales objetivos diez Copa del Mundo. La copa del mundo esta ha sido muy excitante este ano. Los Estados Unidos han jugado bien, especialmente en el grupo de la muerte. Estado viendo mucho juegos en Univision, que me encanto porque de los anunciadores. Esta ano no ha decepciónado. Habido algunos grandes metas. Por mas que, ha habido mas grandes metas en la historia de la Copa del Mundo. Pensé que iba a compartir mis favoritos de todos los juegos de la Copa del Mundo.

Clearly I Have Been Watching Too Much Univision

Hi everybody. FB Hubby here. So this week Shannon talked about how World Cup, and soccer in general, has had a strong presence in our home. I have really been enjoying watching it on Univision. As you may know, I wrote about cutting cable our cable this year, so this is the option I have. But more than that, I love the announcers and how excited they are throughout the whole game, especially when a goal is scored.

We watched the US-Portugal game at a big town event, which was broadcast on ESPN. The English announcers just can’t impart that same feeling as Andres Cantor who can yell “Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaal” for about 30 seconds, and in one breath. No matter who is playing, the announcers are into every moment. I highly encourage everyone to watch at least one game on Univision, it is worth it. In addition, I have also been able to brush up on my Spanish, something that always seems to come back to me the more I hear it.

My Soccer History

Quick backstory, when I was little, the first organized sport I played was Little League baseball. Apparently I was pretty good, but I also found the sport boring. When my Mom moved us to Georgia, she signed me up for YMCA soccer. I was 9. I not only immediately liked it, but I was pretty good. (When I went to visit my Dad, he immediately got a ball and made me practice with him, making me constantly use my left foot, even though I was right-footed).

On my team, another kid, Kenny, and I were considered the best players. After a shootout competition, Kenny was made center forward, and I was made goalkeeper. I went on to play the keeper position for 8 years. I scored one goal in my soccer career when we were dominating a team so much, that I actually sat in the goal for much of the game. My coach told me to run up and get into the game. I quickly stole the ball, dribbled, passed to a wing, ran for the box, where the wing centered it to me, and I hooked it into the upper corner. Mom got to the game five minutes after that.


FB Hubby’s Top Ten World Cup Goals

The first time I saw World Cup was when I was in Italy in 1990. I was in a bar watching the US – Italy game, and was amazed with how much everyone was into the game. The Italians were so excited to have an American in the bar watching with them (I was the only one) that they bought me beers. Italy won 1-0 in a very exciting match. I had the best time that day. So with all the World Cup action this year, I thought I would share my favorite goals that I could find from past World Cup games.

The interesting thing is that there are quite a few of these compilations out there, but I don’t always agree with their order. Some of the goals are great shots from long ranges, that just make it into the corner. Yes, they are great shots, but sometimes a little lucky, too. However, when Saeed Al-Owairan from Saudi Arabia dribbles the ball 3/4 the length of the field, through multiple defenders, never losing it, and then scores, how can anyone put that at a lower rank than those long shots?

This year’s World Cup has certainly been exciting, and provided some amazing goals, including the one by Netherlands Robin Van Persie, that made my list. So I have edited together my own list with some of my own commentary. Enjoy and go Team USA!!! (Note: I have always also rooted for Italy since 1990, but they did not do well at all this year.)

FB Hubby’s Top Ten World Cup Goals – Video

#10 – Eder Assis of Brazil – 1982

#9 – Dennis Bergkamp of Netherlands – 1998

#8 – Maxi Rodriguez of Argentina – 2006

#7 – Esteban Cambiasso of Argentina – 2006

#6 – Manuel Negrete of Mexico – 1986

#5 – Roberto Baggio of Italy – 1990

#4 – Saeed Al-Owairan of Saudi Arabia – 1994

#3 – Pele of Brazil – 1958

#2 – Diego Maradona of Argentina – 1986

#1 – Robin Van Persie of Netherlands – 2014

Clips of #3 – #10 from Peradze on YouTube.

Maradona clip from from Jenee on YouTube.

Van Persie clip from ChamberV2 on YouTube.

Have you been watching World Cup? Any goals that you remember?

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