Upward Mobility for Women

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Upward Mobility for Women

On this episode of Martinis and Your Money, I am talking to Mariela Dabbah, founder and CEO of the Red Shoe Movement about what she’s doing to change the way that businesses support upward mobility for women and also how women can climb the corporate ladder more effectively. Her cause and mission are near and dear to my heart and I hope you’re as inspired to make change as I am after listening to her.

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What are we drinking?

Mariela — Homemade Rooibos Tea

Shannon — Earl Grey Tea

Podcast Notes

  • Mariela is a writer and speaker and has been in the United States for almost 30 years.
  • She is originally from Argentina.
  • She started working at a company that distributed educational books to schools, and she eventually bought it.
  • That company created a platform to help Latino parents better understand how to take advantage of the education system.
  • As she began her writing career, she first started writing books about education.
  • She eventually wrote her book, Find Your Inner Red Shoes, to help women find success.
  • The title of her book came from the company Mariela started, Red Shoe Movement, that is focused on diverse women’s career and leadership development.
  • Mariela and Shannon discuss the job interview process and the struggles women face during it.
  • The Red Shoe Movement also provides tools to help women move up in their careers.
  • Women are experiencing a double burden that is preventing them from growing – taking care of a family and being asked to be on call 24/7.
  • Mariela names some websites aiming to help women get on company boards – org, Womencorporatedirectors.org, & 2020wob.com
  • She believes flexibility should be the default of companies so people can decide where and when they want to work.
  • Shannon and Mariela agree that even if you love your work and find it enjoyable, you have to take time to do other things you enjoy.
  • Mariela says “women & men can do anything they want, but they cannot do everything!”
  • #RedShoeTuesday is a movement created to help raise awareness of the Red Shoe Movement.
  • Mariela emphasizes that any style of red shoes can symbolize this movement – not just red stilettos!
  • November 17, 2017 is the next annual RSM Signature Event in NYC and tickets are on sale now!
  • TAKEAWAY: Think about what you can do to help promote women through the ranks of companies!

Random Three Questions

  1. What is a book that has inspired you?
  2. Are you an appetizer or a dessert person?
  3. If you were to win a million dollars, what would you do with it?


Connect with Mariela:

Red Shoe Movement

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