Weekly Round Up

Weekly Roundup

Happy Saturday everyone! Welcome to my Weekly Round Up! This week I was focused on friends, and how they not only provide us with emotional benefits, but they can provide us with financial benefits as well. On Monday, I spoke about the five ways that friends help keep us financially fit. On Wednesday I shared my second edition of Women’s Power Wednesday. What was really exciting were some new women who joined in the fun. Thanks for supporting the community, Broke Millennial, Commonsense Millennial, Escaping Dodge, The Frugal Farmer and The Heavy Purse! On Thursday, I shared a financially fit activity thanks to my friend who has made a career working in art museums. Friday I shared another meal for four and this one was under $10 plus a list of 20 art museums in the U.S. you should check out some time.

This week I enjoyed reading the following posts:

  1. Andrew at Living Rich Cheaply asked if personal finance gurus were pound foolish. I not only loved his reference to the SNL Suze Orman sketch, but he definitely made me think about what information I put out there and how it can be absorbed. It is difficult to give personal finance advice to the masses, and I think that the advice that is given certainly needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. E.M. at Journey to Saving used a recent episode of Big Bang Theory as a cautionary tale of what not to do when it comes to big life changes.
  3. Grayson from Debt Round Up shared his reflections on where he went wrong with debt on Frugal Rules.
  4. Grayson also wrote a great post on his own site, Debt Round Up, about the power and influence of money. It is sad to think about the influence of only 1% on the other 99% of us.
  5. DC at Young Adult Money shared the dirty little secret on how people make money blogging. As I commented, my blog isn’t quite at this point, but it is great to know where it can go and how to best to manage the process.

Next week I am talking about investing and people’s irrational fear of it. And now, I am actually off to the Met with my hubby and son (I was inspired by my own posts). I hope you have a great weekend!

What do you have planned this weekend? Is your March coming in like a lion like it is here in NY?




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