Weekly Round Up

Weekly Roundup

This past week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I dedicated my blog to love and relationships. On Monday I shared the financial facts you should share with the person you care about, especially if you plan on a long term successful relationship. On Wednesday I asked about your financial sexiness and gave parameters to determine if it applies to you. On Friday I shared a great meal for two under $15 as well as my top ten favorite movies about love.

My Favorite Posts of the Week

  1. I call Shannon at The Heavy Purse my west coast alternate ego. Not only do we share the same name, but we are both financial planners and this week we were both focused on the keys to a successful relationship, at least financially speaking.
  2. Laurie from the Frugal Farmer posed the question on Frugal Rules about whether or not you should pay off debt or invest. This is a common question and struggle with all of my clients, especially those with student loan debt.
  3. Matt at Mom and Dad Money talked about the stock market decline and how it is typically overhyped by the media. Stock market ups and downs are a natural part of investing in stocks and not something out of the ordinary as the media would like us to believe.
  4. John at Frugal Rules asked what bills we pay first as an indication on what is important to us. I was quite frankly shocked that research would say it is auto loans when I can’t imagine anything more important than where you live.
  5. David at Young Adult Money shared 5 creative ways to pay for travel. I thought these were great tips and I share a few of them with clients who love to travel, but don’t always have the disposable income to travel as much as they would like.

And a special thanks to the Aspiring Blogger Personal Finance Carnival and The Financial Carnival for Young Adults for featuring my posts this week.

This week my son, Will, just turned 8 years old. In honor of his birthday, I will be talking about kids and finance next week. Enjoy your weekend!


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