Weekly Round Up

Weekly Roundup

In honor of my son’s 8th birthday last week, I dedicated my blog this week to kids. On Monday, I provided some ideas to help you plan before that little bundle of joy is expelled from your uterus. Wednesday I shared the Top 7 tips for raising a financially fit kid and I should know, because I have one. 🙂  Thursday, I actually guest blogged on Vosa about what you need to do before buying a home, which after getting married and having kids is the most emotional decision you will make. Friday I shared Will’s favorite recipe that feeds 4 for under $7 and my Top 10 quotes about kids with a great bit from Jerry Seinfeld.

My favorite reads of the week

  1. My hands down favorite was John’s from Frugal Rules about what the Netflix show House of Cards can teach us about money. As someone who is constantly trying to find ways to reach my clients and help them understand money and money issues, I love relating money to topics that they know well. John’s post is a great new pneumonic device I can use with them. 🙂
  2. Kathy from Smart Living 365 shared five ideas on how to destroy debt or the Succubus in our life. As someone who never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I had no idea what Kathy’s blog title was all about until I read her post and realized that indeed debt is the ultimate Succubus. You learn something new every day. 🙂
  3. Cat from Budget Blonde wrote on Young Adult Money about the 10 money mistakes you can easily avoid. One of the best ways to combat money issues is to understand your “enemy” and this is a great list of money enemies.
  4. Laurie at the Frugal Farmer wrote about not letting the success of others impede you from achieving your own goals. Like I commented on her site, my hubby was a track coach and would always tell the kids to “run your own race.” The same is true for finances, don’t worry about others and just focus on your own race.
  5. Cat from Budget Blonde had another great post (imo) on Frugal Rules about why a car is a bad gift for your spouse. A “gift” of a car is only a “gift” when it has been fully paid for. If it comes with a lease or car payment, then it is just the gift of debt that no one should want.
  6. Michelle at Making Sense of Cents posted about whether or not you should get a prenup. This is an absolutely personal decision between two people, but I believe that it is something every couple should contemplate. It is best to determine money and legal matters when you are happily in love as it will save you headache, heartache and legal fees down the road.
  7. DC at Young Adult Money shared another spreadsheet with us, and this one was for stock analysis. As a self-proclaimed geek and lover of all things that make financial analysis easier, I am a fan and have already starting using mine.

Thank you to the Carnival of Money Pros for featuring my post about financial information you should share with your loved one, to the Connecticut Latino News for featuring my post this week on raising a financially fit kid and to Rock Star Finance for highlighting my financially sexy blog!

Next week I am focused on financial deceptions, some good stuff in store! Enjoy your weekend!

Did you watch any of the Winter Olympics? What was your favorite moment(s) from the games? This was mine (JK) but it was a highlight of my week.








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