Weekly Round Up

Weekly Roundup

This week I was focused on financial deceptions. On Monday, I discussed the five personal finance words that have a bad reputation. Then on Wednesday, I discussed financially deceptive people or Financial Dorian Grays as I like to call them. Friday I shared two meals under $20 and my Top Ten list was movies with plot twists. So here is my latest Weekly Round Up.

Here are a few of the blogs I enjoyed this week:

1) Stefanie at the Broke and Beautiful Life shared her experience of putting in hard work that doesn’t always pay off immediately. It is SO easy to throw in the towel, but she proves that if you stick with it, great things will start to happen.

2) John at Frugal Rules shared his story of how paying off debt changed his way of thinking, much to the disappointment sometimes of his wife.

3) Laurie at the Frugal Farmer shared a story about how her daughter’s determination in a self-defense class proved inspirational in tackling debt.

4) Raquel at Practical Cents shared a review of Page Plus Cellular which is just in time for my cell phone overhaul plan that is about to be unleashed.

5) Kali at Commonsense Millennial shared her thoughts on negative minded people which is a great reminder to all of us to just let the haters keep on hating and focus on positivity.

Thank you to the Carnival of Personal Finance for including my post about raising a financially fit kid this week. Also, thank you for Young Adult Money for including my post this week in your round up.

March is Women’s History month, so I am kicking it off with a woman focused week next week, especially on Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Academy Awards are on Sunday. Are you going to watch? Who would you like to see win?


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