Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

This week I found my blog inspiration from the Memorial Day holiday. On Monday, I shared the story of how we lost my hubby’s brother in an accident and remembered all of the parents who have lost children too soon, especially those in the military. Wednesday, I showed my son’s Mother’s Day gift to me that proved that he in fact listens to me when I am talking about money. My Friday top ten list was my top ten favorite military movies and my hubby shared his brother’s favorite dinner that is also a cheap one. I appeared again Tuesday on Young Adult Money and shared my cure for Affluenza.

Blogs I enjoyed this week:

  1. Tonya from Budget and the Beach shared how her big goal of traveling to Croatia has saved her from spending on other travel. Life is all about choices and having goals definitely makes our choices more clear to us.
  2. Deb from Debt Debs shared some helpful blogging tips. And I think that you should never assume that every blogger knows what he or she is doing, we could all use tips and reminders from time to time. And I love that Deb is sharing what she is learning as she learns it.
  3. Holly from Club Thrifty discussed why her family will never be the Jones family and I have to say that I had no idea that stores even carried duct tape for cars. You learn something new all the time!
  4. Grayson at Sprout Wealth shared a great infographic on how to make money from YouTube. This is something me and hubby have discussed as he has a great channel filled with his physics lectures and we would love to monetize it.
  5. Adina at the Unique Gifter shared some great graduation gifts which is just in time for those high school and college graduations that are taking place now.

Today we have a birthday party for a friend of my son whose birthday, hubby and son literally forgot about last year until 10 minutes before it ended, so we are all focused on making it this year. Tomorrow my son is trying out for his first travel soccer team. I am excited and nervous for him, but I am not letting on that I am.

Did you take off for Memorial Day? Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?

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